The green face of SMAU smiles

The green face of SMAU smiles

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Smau the main Italian fair dedicated to Information & Communications Technology will be held in Milan from 23 to 25 October at Fieramilanocity. From September, on the website it will be possible to register for the event and create your own agenda of appointments at the stand and workshop. Meanwhile with Pierantonio Macola, CEO of Smau, let's find out the side green of the event.

1) How has the level of sustainability of contents and proposals changed in the last 10 years?

The Green it is certainly a relevant aspect in the offer of technologies presented in recent years by both the big players in our sector and the start-ups present. Plus the theme green it's a cross-cutting topic to many of the issues addressed by Smau and referable to the theme of National Technology Clusters: Agrifood, Green Chemistry, Intelligent Factory, Means and systems for mobility, Life Sciences, Technologies for living environments, Technologies for Smart Communities. These issues will always have digital technologies as their common thread and will be addressed in the context of numerous workshops held by analysts and teachers over the three days of the event.

2) What is the response from visitors and companies?

Awareness of the relevance of the theme of environmental sustainability by businesses and our visitors is constantly growing. Every year in our Roadshow around Italy we tell over 500 successful cases of the adoption of digital technologies in companies and in public administrations and over 80% are green.

3) Some examples?

There are technologies such as the dematerialization of documents, unified communication & collaboration, server virtualization, solutions for mobility: all solutions that have allowed companies to reduce energy consumption and save internal costs. These companies will be awarded with the ICT Innovation Award to be held on the occasion of Smau 2013

4) What news are there for videoconferencing systems?

Videoconferencing systems are evolving rapidly thanks to the development of broadband and, together with the most innovative collaboration systems, it is now possible to organize very high resolution video conferencing meetings, minimizing employee travel to the company. The spread of high definition technologies for videoconferencing is the key to an epochal change in our working habits. They will have a very strong impact both on the reduction of costs in the company and in terms of environmental sustainability, minimizing the use of means of transport for work activities.

5) For the management of documents which green proposals arrive?

Electronic invoicing and dematerialization, in addition to the spread of mobile devices that are changing our reading habits (books and newspapers in the first place), represent a big step towards a significant reduction in the consumption of paper in the company. Soon, thanks to electronic invoicing and the most advanced technologies for graphometric signature, it will no longer be necessary to print documents, but the whole authentication process will take place digitally and, thanks to cloud computing, it will be possible to keep such documentation as safe as in our archive. office.

6) What are the most developed aspects of sustainability within Smart City projects?

Since 2011, Smau has been addressing the issue of Smart Cities through a cycle of workshops on these issues and through an award in which we recognize the most innovative municipalities in Italy that have developed urban sustainability projects. Among the issues addressed are the solutions to make smarter public transport, for theenergy efficiency, L'sustainable building, for it waste disposal.

7) Young people at Smau: how much space do they have? As? with green sides?

This year Smau will host more than 200 start-ups within an area dedicated to the world of Industrial Research. These young companies were selected during our Roadshow around Italy which allowed us to learn about their new business models related above all to environmental sustainability. Smau for them represents an opportunity to get in touch with an audience of over 50,000 entrepreneurs and managers and executives of public administrations and through the numerous networking opportunities scheduled they will have the opportunity to present their idea with the aim of creating partnerships or real and own acquisitions.

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