Measurement and monitoring for energy efficiency

What does it mean monitoring on the subject of savings ed energy efficiency? Given that it is impossible to better manage something for which you do not have the measure and you do not know the extent, most users in the tertiary and industrial sector lack awareness of how the electricity consumed is actually used.

The consequence of this is that, lacking information, it is difficult to implement energy saving. An energy efficiency campaign must necessarily start from the assessment of how and where energy is used and from the measurement of the energy that is consumed.

L'energy efficiency it is achieved not only by installing low energy impact devices and tools, but also with a constant monitoring of the same that allows to optimize consumption. Energy control and management can also be achieved at a relatively modest cost and with a quick return because the installation can be amortized in a very short time given the rising energy costs.

The monitoring it is crucial to get the highest level of energy efficiency and plant automation and monitoring interventions - which make it possible to measure, control and analyze energy use - offer real results over time. The techniques of measure is monitoring guarantee the maximum long-term return on investments made in energy efficiency.

Starting from the consumption data collected thanks to the monitoring it is possible to compare processes and sites based on internal metrics, key indicators and sector statistics, in order to identify the best optimization projects. The use of detailed information on the energy consumption can serve to reduce expenses, implement best practices, and validate initiatives energy saving.

Cost allocation tools allow you to collect, calculate and report costs by building, department, process, shift, line and equipment. In this way it becomes possible to consciously manage the cost / comfort balance and promote, within the organization, behaviors aimed at energy saving.

Video: fib Symposium 2020 in Shanghai. Keynote lecture. Prof Luc Taerwe (December 2021).