Face scrub, natural remedies

The face scrub is an exfoliating treatment that consists in removing the superficial cells and thus obtaining a more radiant and velvety skin. The skin has a natural exfoliation system, but make-up, smog and various powders unfortunately prevent self-exfoliation. Make one face scrub with natural methods it is very simple and also means avoiding chemicals that can harm the most sensitive skin. The basic ingredients for making the scrub are sugar or coarse salt, to remove dead skin cells and oil, to deeply hydrate, leaving the skin smooth and soft. As for fragrances and other specific ingredients, it's up to you to give space to creativity, mixing your favorite essential oils and adding the most suitable exfoliating ingredients for your skin type.

Facial scrub, some recommendations
The scrub it must be done on clean skin, without wounds and abrasions, including those left accidentally by razor hair removal, otherwise substances such as salt or lemon drops can irritate the wound.
Before making yourself one scrub, it is necessary to favor the dilation of the pores by placing the face in the steam of boiling water for about ten minutes. In addition to the classic ingredients it is possible to enrich it scrub with a vitamin E oil, available in herbalist's shops or organic shops.

Facial scrub, directions
After having washed your face thoroughly and having dilated the pores, apply it scrub with a light and circular massage: you will feel the action of the grains of sugar or salt that act as an exfoliant. Massage until the sugar or salt has completely dissolved. When you no longer feel the grains, you can rinse your face. The scrub it must be done once a week. Not too often, because it could irritate the more delicate areas a little. The scrub it is also very useful on the lips, to eliminate what we call "skin", or dead skin that comes off.

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