Green and sustainable chemistry at Ecomondo

Green and sustainable chemistry at Ecomondo

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The entrance to the Rimini Fair

What do they mean green and sustainable in the chemical industry? Green chemistry it's biorefineries and the bioindustries they will have, together with the sustainable chemistry (ie chemical processes more efficient in the use of resources, more selective and intensified, with fewer solvents and less CO₂ and waste production), an increasingly important role.

Novamont, Eni Versalis, Mossi & Ghisolfi, Basf Federchimica, Henkel and all the others ... the industrial giants of chemistry are grappling with the challenge of making more green is sustainable their production because the future passes through here. In 2050 there will be more or less 50 billion people on Earth and if all of them can live well within the limits of available rice, it will only be because dependence on oil has been overcome, polluting emissions related to its use reduced and waste production decreased. not recyclable.

Without renewable energy and without one green and sustainable chemistry there is no future. Here then is bioplastic, ecological detergents active at low temperatures, body care products based on renewable raw materials and immediately biodegradable substances, and the commitments to reduce energy consumption, water consumption and the generation of waste from production units. Accompanied by the rediscovery of natural and ecological products in all fields, from cleaning to personal care, from clothing to construction.

And here's why a ECOMONDO 2013, the international fair for sustainable development and green economy scheduled in Rimini from 6 to November, thechemical industry will have a prominent place and an entire morning of conferences will be dedicated to innovation and sustainability in the sector. It will be an opportunity to take stock of the progress of the biorefineries national plants under construction in some industrial sites in conversion, facilitated by the presence of a Ecomondo of the National Technology Cluster on Green Chemistry, wanted and financed by MIUR to promote the growth of biobased industry in Italy.

ECOMONDO 2013 it will also be the setting for an international event on biobased industry in which the Italian case of bioeconomy recent subject of a book by the Kyoto Club (Bioplastics: A Case Study of Bioeconomy in Italy) and a conference at the European Parliament held on 6 March in collaboration between the Kyoto Club and the Italian Ministry of the Environment entitled: ´Bioplastics: a case study of Bioeconomy in Italy in the light of Horizon 2020´.

IdeeGreen is a partner of ECOMONDO.

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