ZEST Sustainable Ideas for aspiring green companies

ZEST Sustainable Ideas for aspiring green companies

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Sustainable ideas, innovative and young for aware companies. To offer them is ZEST reported as the best business project in the competition "From the Idea to the Company" promoted by Assolombarda and finalists of "The talent of ideas", the Unicredit and Confindustria contest for innovative startups. Three young enterprising and very “green” partners.

1) When are you born and with which mission?

ZEST Sustainable Ideas was born in February 2012. We are three partners, two thirds women and all under 40. Our mission is to create value through the development of projects within the environmental sustainability, ofenergy efficiency and of social responsability. We are inspired by the principles of the Blue Economy by proposing zero-waste solutions, in which the waste of one becomes a resource for others, in a system in which nothing (or almost) is wasted and the environmental impact is minimized. We apply these principles both to the projects carried out in our Lab and to those of our customers, helping them not only to produce sustainable value but also to communicate it effectively.

2) Blue Economy: what is it about? why is it different from the green economy?

There Blue Economy, unlike the Green Economy, "it does not require companies to invest more to save the environment; on the contrary, with less use of capital it is able to create greater flows of income and at the same time build social capital. " To quote its founder, Gunter Pauli, “in nature there are no unemployed and no waste. Everyone performs a task and the waste of some becomes raw material for others, in a "cascade" system in which nothing is wasted. "

3) Why should a company today choose sustainability?

Today a company should choose the sustainability because it represents an element of differentiation and long-term competitive advantage for the brand. The promotion of environmental sustainability policies, social and economic at all management levels not only leads to an increase in the satisfaction and well-being of stakeholders with a view to respect for the environment, ethics and corporate governance, but also contributes to creating a system of virtuous and innovative behavior and a more prudent protection of the supply chain, the environment and the territory.

4) What services do you offer? What are your areas of intervention?

We provide a service full linked to issues of the environment and energy saving. The areas in which we specialize concern:

Energy efficiency and Energy Management (energy efficiency projects for both the residential and industrial sectors)

Green Communication (communication projects for improving the relationship with stakeholders with a view to respect for the environment, ethics and corporate governance).

Carbon Fooprint & Sustainability Management (projects for the identification, evaluation and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions in order to promote Carbon Management interventions)

Green Innovation Lab (products whose life cycle has a limited impact on the environment and a high content of innovation, safe products with a cultural identity and a story to tell)

Training (customized training and training courses on sustainability issues for both management and anyone interested)

5) What do you propose in the field of energy efficiency?

As part of theenergy efficiency we offer a complete service, which starts from an in-depth energy audit, which includes not only the analysis of the interventions to be done on the existing, but also the plan of alternatives, the quantification of returns on investment and the turnkey management of suppliers and the construction site. In this area, one of the projects is that of retailing: it is an intervention on the points of sale of a retail chain for reduce energy consumption reducing them up to 65%. In addition to the savings generated, it is possible to increase overall comfort by preserving the store design and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. We then created a brand with which to communicate the brand's commitment to sustainability to the final consumer, transforming a technical-engineering project into a tool for customer engagement and improvement of the brand image.

6) What about Carbon Fooprint & Sustainability Management?

At the moment, for example, we are working on behalf of a company in the fashion sector to create the Charter of Sustainability Commitments, that is the document in which concrete and measurable objectives and sustainable actions are established for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

7) And in Green Communication?

For the same company we have also devised a communication plan to sensitize the consumer towards issues related to sustainability. The plan will take the form of actions on points of sale and online to communicate sustainable value in an engaging and effective way, using both traditional, digital and social marketing tools in a targeted and integrated way.

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