Facial blemishes, natural remedies

Facial blemishes, natural remedies

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Facial blemishes: natural remedies and tips to lighten skin blemishes. From laser treatments to creams and DIY preparations.

The face spots are a blemish of skin that afflicts many women, especially in the summer, with the complicity of direct exposure to the sun. It should be noted that the appearance of spots on the face are not only attributable to solar rays, both exogenous and endogenous factors can in fact favor the appearance and intensification offacial blemishes.

The causes there are many and still today the subject of study, among the various most ascertained hypotheses there are dietary imbalances: it is the case of a long-lasting poor diet that affects our endocrine system or hormonal dysfunctions or changes linked to other causes. There are pharmacological treatments against the spots which, however, can compromise the skin in the case of sensitive skin, there is no lack of more intensive treatments such as laser or chemical peeling but we will talk about it in the last paragraph.

Nature, as often happens, is our ally and there is no shortage of it remedies to solve problems related to the appearance ofdark spots on the skinand on the face. Here how to treat face spots using natural methods.

Facial blemishes, natural care

Mother nature offers us many ingredients that can prove to be extremely effective against skin blemishes, the only recommendation is to start the treatment after the summer, towards the beginning of October, when we do not risk worsening the situation due to sun exposure. Here are some home remedies to counteract andlighten face spots.

Lemon Based Facial Mask:it acts on the pH of the skin and helps us to lighten face spots

Here is a specific face mask for facial blemishes and is prepared with lemon juice and natural yogurt. Mix the juice of two lemons with a 125-gram jar of natural white yogurt. Apply this solution to the spots, leaving it to act for half an hour: the time it takes to dry the mask on the face. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat this operation daily both morning and evening

Honey Based Facial Mask:suitable for sensitive skin

This mask is particularly suitable for those who in addition to the problems of dark spots they have sensitive, dry and dull skin. Mix two tablespoons of powdered milk, two of lemon juice, two tablespoons of natural yogurt and four of bee honey. Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water

Hydrogen peroxide to lighten face spots

Another natural remedy against dark spots on the face it is hydrogen peroxide, also useful for disinfecting dilated pores. For application, simply dip cotton pads in a solution of 20 cl of hydrogen peroxide diluted in 5 cl of water. Apply the soaked pads on thedark spotsbeing careful to dab without rubbing excessively. Thefacial blemishesthey will not disappear but the hydrogen peroxide should lighten them.

ATTENTION: even if they are natural remedies, make sure there is no excessive redness, in this case it is good to rinse the skin thoroughly with running water and consult your trusted dermatologist to evaluate conventional treatments.

IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION: it is good to protect the skin with a specific cream for your face and not just in summer. Also do not neglect nutrition, the lack of mineral salts, vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the skin can facilitate the onset of spots on the face.

Recommended products: natural anti-blemish creams

Fortreat face blemishesIt is possible to buy various specific products, the only problem is that most of the creams on the market are made with mixtures of hydrocarbons or other artificial chemical agents that too often turn out to be excessively aggressive for the skin. Our recommendation is to choose creams to eliminate face spots as natural as possible: always read the label! Find out about the active ingredients of the cream you are interested in and check that there are no hydrocarbon mixtures such as paraffin or other petroleum derivatives; make sure there are no preservatives, dyes or artificial fragrances.

Among the products on the market we recommend onenatural creamfree from parabens and products that damage the skin and skin in the long runnatural physiologyof our body.

The BioCoaa line offers severalanti-stain creams (night cream, day serums, mask-based treatments). They are all based on natural extracts.

The mask (on Amazon you can buy it with € 19.90 and free shipping) provides a simple and effective formulation against facial blemishes. It is made with bitter almond oil (with a strong moisturizing power and helps the other active ingredients to penetrate the dermis), mandelic acid (it has a natural anti-wrinkle action), pink clay (with a strong absorbing power), titanium dioxide (makes the more uniform skin texture), kojic acid (reduces blemishes), arbutin (acts on the pigments to be treated), sweet orange essential oil, rice extract, caper extract, avocado oil, olive oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid , wheat proteins and skin vitamins.

The mask should be done once a week while the anti-blemish creams are born for daily use.

For all information on the product we point out the Amazon page: biocoaa cream, serum or mask.

Face and sun spots

Who hasfacial blemishesshould avoid sun exposure. Not just theSunit is considered the main onecauseof the appearance ofdark spots on the facebut UV rays can make the situation worse.

In summer you have two alternatives: avoid sun exposure or learn how to protect yourself from UV rays effectively, with a cream 50 against both grapes and UVB, with both chemical and physical filters. In fact, those who suffer fromfacial blemishesshould apply protective creams even during the intermediate seasons: use it daily from April to October.

Face spots: couperose and rosacea

Not just dark spots, thefacial blemishesthey can also be of typecouperose and rosacea. In this case, thecausesthey are traced back to excessive vasodilation which is the basis of both disorders.

Therecouperose, in fact, it consists in a dilation of the vascular texture of thefacewhich can appear as a stand-alone event or in association withrosacea, a true circulatory disorder.

Who hasfacial blemishesof typecouperose and rosaceait tends to expose itself to the sun because tanning and sunburn caused by exposure to UV rays, at least momentarily, even out the skin tone. Unfortunately, in the long run the sun damages and worsens itcouperoseaggravating the vasodilation that is at the root of the disorder.

Facial blemishes, treatments

So far we have talked aboutnatural remedies, however, dermatologists can propose different treatments suitable forlightenoreliminate facial blemishesdefinitively. Not allskin spotsthey are the same and also differ according to the causes. Consult a trusted dermatologist to identify the most effective technique based on the hyperpigmentation that characterizes us.

Among the chemical therapies indicated there is thepeelingbut it is an ineffective treatment when thefacial blemishesappears thicker. In this case, many dermatologists recommend laser therapy. The fractional laser would be able toeliminate facial blemishesand to stimulate the production of collagen but has the disadvantage of demonstrating efficacy following 2 - 4 treatments to be repeated one month apart.

Those who do not want to go to such extreme attempts can experiment with a natural peeling based on Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. Among the products on the market we point out theMaritime Naturals Serum,in reality it is an anti-aging serum but it has also proved effective in the treatments offace spots. It succeeds inlighten skin spotswithout the use of aggressive chemicals, so it is also suitable for those with dry or sensitive skin. The serum in question is offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 23.98 euros with free shipping, it can also be found in the most well-stocked pharmacies but the price is around 49.90 euros.

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