APER and Assosolare together: asoRinnovabili is born

APER and Assosolare together: asoRinnovabili is born

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OPEN became aceRenewables. The unanimous vote of the shareholders OPEN in the assembly of 18 July he decreed the birth of aceRenewables (Association of producers, industry and services for renewable energy). The members of Assosolare, which on 2 July had in turn unanimously reiterated their intention to merge with OPEN.

The decision to give a new name, aceRenewables, the new body was taken in order to communicate the association's activities more directly from now on; the statute was also modified, adapting it to the new organizational needs. In the new aceRenewables suppliers of services, technologies and components also have the same status as energy producers.

President of aceRenewables is Agostino Re Rebaudengo, former president of OPEN, vice president is Giovanni Simoni and 6 of the over 60 new members have joined the association bodies. The president stressed that the transition will help to better support the next actions for the introduction of an adequate discipline on imbalances, for the regulation of Efficient User Systems and to promote the interests of a sector that has now become a pillar of the country. .

The need to mix between OPEN is Assosolare was also underlined by Giovanni Simoni who declared: "No supply chain can think of independently facing the challenges that await us in the coming years in terms of integration into the networks and development of new smart technologies such as storage, control and management of utilities ".

With the integration of OPEN is Assosolare, the new aceRenewables today it is the largest industrial association in the sector in Italy and one of the largest in Europe in terms of number of members and installed capacity. Right in Europe aceRenewables it expects to have an even greater weight than in the past in the discussion on upcoming energy policy objectives.

AssoRenewables it has over 500 members and more than 1,200 wind, hydroelectric and solar plants for a total of over 10,000 MW of installed electrical power. Production is 25 billion kWh per year which corresponds to a reduction of over 19 million tons of CO₂ emissions.

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