How to mulch

How to mulch

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For mulch we mean the layer of organic material placed on the ground around the stem of the plants. This technique is used in winter to protect the roots of plants from freezing and in summer to maintain the right humidity in the soil which could be dry due to excessive evaporation of water following strong exposure to heat. Other use of the mulch consists in protecting the plant from weeds.

How to mulch?
It is sufficient to spread the material with a fork until it forms a layer of at least 6 centimeters, taking care not to put the mulch directly in contact with the stem of the plants. Before mulching it is necessary to water the soil.

Mulch, the materials used
The material generally used for the mulch it is made up of a mix of peat, mature stallicum, twigs and dry leaves. It is also possible to use grass from lawn mowing for mulch plants, in this case it will be sufficient to check that the grass does not contain possible weed seeds and that the cut grass does not come from lawns treated with chemical herbicides.
Another material widely used especially in winter is straw, a very light and easily available material: excellent for retaining moisture. Even sawdust is widely used as long as it is not excessively fine as it tends to compact, becoming harmful to the plant.

Useful information: in the absence of these natural materials available in the countryside, it can be remedied by purchasing the pine bark in flakes in the nurseries.

Mulch, side effects
It is essential to correctly perform the mulch, which must be done in such a way as to allow the soil to breathe. A mulch errata could inexorably compromise the plant, as fungal organisms, molds and rot, deleterious for the plant, could form under the layer.

ATTENTION: many use expanded clay balls but it should be noted that they are not very effective due to their lightness and poor permeability: during watering they float, escaping from the ground.

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