Woodworms, natural remedies

Woodworms, natural remediesto eliminate them permanently and techniques to recover furniture and furnishings damaged by woodworms.

THE woodworms are xylophagous insects that sneak into wooden furniture to feed and lay eggs. A massive invasion of woodworms can ruin or even crumble any wooden furnishing accessory. In reality, the larvae feed on the wood fiber, so when you see a hole in the wood, it is not caused by an adult but by a larva that has just left its "den "(your furniture) to flicker. The same hole, then, is used by adults for egg laying. Once hatched, the larvae will not come out of the same hole but will continue to "dig tunnels" to feed on the wood and then flicker.

The first solution antitarlo is to buy furniture in carob wood, maritime pine or furnishing accessories with anti-woodworm treatment. If there is already an infestation of woodworms, there are several natural remedies to remove them. We will show you below how to eliminate them effectively and permanently.

Damage caused by woodworms

As stated, the life cycle of woodworms is divided into several phases. To evaluate the furniture damaged by woodworms and to understand if i woodwormsare still at work or if they have now abandoned your furniture, it is possible to make a series of observations.

  1. If there are only old holes in the cabinet, it means that i woodworms they have now left the wood so there is no need to intervene with remedies to kill the woodworms but just plug the holes to prevent other adults from targeting the furniture to lay new eggs.
  2. If, on the other hand, there are fresh holes in the furniture, it means that some woodworms have left the wood but others are probably still at work, in this case it is necessary to intervene to fight them.

In hypothesis number one, you will have to restore the wood. In hypothesis number two, you will have to, instead,eliminate woodwormswith specific remedies.

Woodworms, natural remedies

There are effective methods on the market for remove woodworms such as mothballs or other antitives, in the next paragraph we will talk about the anti-woodworm products used in case of massive infestation, to avoid compromising the health of other wooden furniture. The natural remedies listed in this paragraph are only useful in cases of minor infestations.

Between natural remedies to prevent them completely harmless to human health, we find homemade compounds made with natural ingredients.

This is the case of a mixture of 10 drops of cedar essential oil, 10 ml of vodka and 5 ml of water.

For application, simply dip a few cotton balls into the solution and pass them on the wooden furniture. For a more effective effect, the furniture should be sprayed copiously with this mixture or left the wads for a few days inside the furniture to be treated.

Another natural remedy against i woodworms it is lavender. Just put it in many small bags and place them in the wardrobe and drawers.

Woodworms, how to eliminate them

In addition to the natural methods it is good to adopt some solutions to preserve the clothes and blankets that you keep in the closet.

When the season changes, wash clothes well before putting them in drawers and closets.

Use plastic bags and zippered bags before storing sweaters and coats in the winter wardrobe.

Before storing any garment, wash drawers and wardrobe thoroughly with a solution of vinegar and lavender: pour 250 ml of vinegar in a liter of water, adding 20 drops of lavender essential oil, or 3 tablespoons of lavender inflorescences to leave macerate for at least 24 hours before using the mixture.

Insecticide against woodworms

For the effectiveness of thewoodworm treatment, the use of generic insecticides is not recommended. Better to choose a anti-woodworm treatment professional as it can affect both adults and pupae (developing woodworms), respects the integrity of the wood and continues by carrying out a preventive action.

Remember that the "professional woodworm treatments" areSurgical medical devicestherefore, for use, all safety procedures must be observed in order to reduce contact between the anti-woodworm liquid and the skin. The market offers manywoodworm products, but few are professional. For the purchase, it is better if you go to a restorer or a specialized shop, if you choose the online purchase, make sure it is a "Surgical Medical Device" so as to ascertain its effectiveness.

On Amazon, a professional NON-toxic and safe woodworm ant for home use, is offered at a price of 8.98 euros. For all information, please visit the Amazon page: Novecento NOV7 (it is effective against adult woodworms and larvae).

Why are common insecticides not suitable?
First of all because they cannot penetrate deeply into the wood, then because they are bad for your health. Generic chemical insecticides are absorbed by the wood and then slowly released into the domestic atmosphere, which means that the inhabitants of the house will breathe, on a daily basis and for a long time, very low doses of toxic substances. THEanti-woodworm treatments specific ones, however, remain in the wood and are designed to dissolve without causing damage to domestic health.

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