Bad breath, natural remedies

Bad breath, natural remedies

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To fight the'bad breath, a very disabling problem from a psychological point of view, proper oral hygiene may not be enough. In pharmacies there are several products against bad breath but we will show you how to eliminate bad smells using natural methods.

Bad breath, natural remedies

  • Cleaning the tongue. Bad breath is very often caused by the presence of dead cells, food residues, bacteria or waste from bacterial digestion on the tongue. Therefore, it is also good to brush your tongue with the same toothbrush after brushing your teeth, adding some gargle with baking soda dissolved in water.
  • Hydration. Why do we wake up in the morning with a bad smell in the mouth? This happens because less saliva is produced while we sleep, a natural antibacterial containing oxygen, which counteracts the proliferation of germs. Therefore it is necessary to have continuous salivation during the day by drinking plenty of water. Salivation could also be facilitated by holding a mint or chewing gum in the mouth, but these are only temporary solutions. Speaking of mint, it should be emphasized that it cannot solve the problem of bad breath, the bad smell will return since it does not kill the bacteria present in the mouth which, on the contrary, worsens the situation due to the sugars present in the mint.
  • Supply. L'bad breath it can also be related to certain foods. In addition to the well-known garlic and onion, acidic foods such as meat can also cause bad breath. How can we solve the problem? Always staying hydrated and rinsing your mouth after eating, preferably also brushing your teeth. Soft drinks can also cause bad breath. This is the case with carbonated soft drinks, coffee or alcohol. On the other hand, the foods that improve the smell of the breath are fruits with a high content of vitamin C such as melon, berries and citrus fruits. Other recommended foods are: celery, carrots and apples, excellent sources of fiber capable of eliminating any food stuck between the teeth. In short, it is good to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, that is the foods that facilitate salivation more which, as we know, counteracts the action of germs.
  • The smoke. In addition to certain foods, cigarette smoke also causesbad breath as it contributes to the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. In addition, the smoke helps to create a dry environment in the mouth cavity. It is well known that a dry environment is perfect for anaerobic bacteria to proliferate. Therefore, those with problems should refrain from smoking.

Bad breath, herbal remedies
To fight thebad breath we can also resort to herbs. Green tea, for example, is an excellent remedy if it is consumed throughout the day as it contains antibacterial substances that fight the germs nested in the mouth. Herbal teas based on mint, parsley, basil, coriander and dill are effective.

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