SLOW WOOD: networked wood wizards

SLOW WOOD: networked wood wizards

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Wood, imagination and sustainability. Slow Wood connects designers, artisans and suppliers of wood who recognize themselves in the “Slow” principles: Craftsmanship, Culture and Sustainability. Outside the logic of consumption, as if to want to adopt an object created by this network of wood lovers, anyone can find the guarantee of intrinsically sustainable products, materials and production processes. Gianni Cantarutti, business owner, a great expert in woods and forests, founded theCultural Association and is betting together with Marco Parolini in a world Slow Wood.

1) When and how was the idea of ​​SLOW WOOD born?

The idea Slow Wood was born in 2009. In recent years among the activities of the cultural association Culturalegno there was that of spreading the Slow Wood principles, organizing events and participating in fairs in which we brought "slow" craftsmanship, woods and craftsmen. And from the interesting feedback from this experience, we decided that the time had come to take a step forward: this is how the Slow Wood entrepreneurial initiative was born.

2) Who do you want to network with? What requirements do you require to participate?

Slow Wood puts on the net designers, craftsmen and wood suppliers who recognize themselves in the “Slow” principles: Craftsmanship, Culture and Sustainability. Through a common and strongly characterizing brand, Slow Wood, in fact, we invest to give visibility and strength to those small artisan businesses that have done and will continue to do the great "Made in Italy", but which in a global market risk invisibility, closed in their shops and their studios.

3) What does the “Slow Wood” brand want to guarantee to customers? And what advantages would it give to the craftsmen?

Products Slow Wood they are not consumer goods, they are objects and furnishings that bring with them the history of the raw material, wood in primis, of the craft traditions, the history of the people who with the work of their hands create and wisely transform the wood material. The advantage for the artisans will be that of acquiring visibility and market, as each Slow Wood product will clearly bear the name of its creator; moreover, the presence in the network of designers and suppliers of sustainable and certified wood will give the artisans additional tools to express their talent.

4) What is the Permanent Laboratory?

The Permanent Laboratory will be the heart of Slow Wood: a physical place in which entrepreneurship and culture, product sales and opportunities for comparison can coexist. It will be a shop, an artisans' HUB, a place for meetings and events. We are organizing a first temporary experiment, which we have called “Design and Prototyping Workshop”, which we will hold in Milan on 28 and 29 September, and which we would like to finance with crowdfunding.

5) Culturalegno: with what objectives was it born?

Spread the wood culture, in a country where there is a lot of transformation but, contrary to what foreigners think, little is known in general about what we work with, precisely wood.

6) How has the interest of sector operators in wood changed in recent years?

Industries have drastically reduced the use of solid wood, for reasons of production simplification and lowering of prices, impoverishing real craftsmanship, that of knowing how to transform, not just copying.

7) What about the market?

Consumers are increasingly critical: before buying a product they increasingly carefully evaluate their quality, their sustainability and their origin. Slow Wood wants to go in this direction, guaranteeing intrinsically sustainable products, materials and production processes. Networking is a challenge in a country that often thrives on individualisms, but we believe that the time has come when this challenge must be won.

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