Energy Conference and Utility Summit: energy takes center stage

Energy Conference and Utility Summit: energy takes center stage

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The audience in the hall at the Energy Management Conference in Milan

Nearly 200 people attended the Energy Management Conference of 3 July 2013 in Milan. Energy manager and more, the EM figure does not always exist in the company, all in any case 'committed' to contain the company's energy costs by focusing onenergy efficiency with the technological solutions and behavioral policies that allow you to do so.

Crucial is the cultural approach to the topic of energy, never so problematic before, as emerged in the round table attended by the Lavazza energy manager Barbara Conti, the energy manager of Fiera Milano Stefano Luccietto, the IT manager of Grandi Navi Veloci Paolo Beatini and the IT manager of Bomi Group Italo Candusso. It is unusual that where an energy manager is not yet foreseen, the hot potato of energy almost always passes to IT, a fact that is in some ways understandable but itself attributable to the lack of true cultural maturity inEnergy Management in the company.

Alla Energy Management Conference in Milan, the interventions of FIRE (Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy) ANIE Energia and the companies IBM, Schneider Electric, Avob, VOXplus, Myenergy Building Solutions, Borri, CEG Facility, Dexma, Iconics. The picture is completed by the patronage of AIEE (Italian Association of Energy Economists). A second stage of Energy Management Conference in Padua in December 2013.

Still on the subject of Energy, from a different point of view, the event on Tuesday 9 July in Rome Smart Utility Summit, where the protagonists will be (the supply chains of the electrical, electrotechnical, electronic, ICT and Telco sectors, with the addition of banks and financial companies, leasing companies, insurance companies and others involved in the economic aspects of the energy issue and green banking linked to funding Main sponsor of Smart Utility Summit is IBM, sponsored by FIRE, Aiget and FederUtility.

The organization of Energy Management Conference is from Soiel International

The organization of Smart Utility Summit is from Business International

IdeasGreen is the media partner of both events

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