How to wash in the washing machine

How to wash in the washing machine

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Today we will see in detail as machine wash both from a command point of view and from an energy saving point of view. If you are about to buy one washing machine new, pay attention to the energy labels which from January 1, 2013 saw the abolition of the energy classes with the highest energy consumption. In this way, give preference to classes A +, A ++, A +++ which are more energy efficient; the higher initial expense will give you constant savings on your bill in the years following the purchase of the appliance. With the purchase of a washing machine of class at least A + you can access state eco-bonuses which will guarantee tax deductions from 50 to 65%.

How to wash in the washing machine, the use of buttons

  1. After loading the washing machine door, set the appropriate program which varies in:
    -delicate clothes (silk, wool, cashmere ...), washed at low temperatures (do not touch the temperature knob) with a light wash cycle
    - work clothes (overalls, lab coats ...), washed at high temperatures (most of the times 40 ° are more than enough) with a more intense washing cycle
    -white clothes, underwear (not colored) and household linen (sheets and tablecloths) can be washed with the cotton program. To remove the most intense stains on whites, higher temperatures are recommended
    - non-delicate colored clothes must be washed cold (without touching the temperature knob) and inserting the cotton program
    - most washing machines have pre-set controls and just enter the type of fabric to be washed, the label of the item of clothing to be washed is also very indicative.
  2. Put the detergent in the special compartment you find at the top left, remembering not to overdo the detergent: an excessive dose would decrease the life cycle of the appliance, favor the onset of mold and bacteria and could force you to do an extra rinse.
  3. Add softener next to the detergent department then press start

How to wash in the washing machine, useful tips

  • Only use the washing machine with a full load
  • Prefer cold washing: hot wash only in case of stubborn stains
  • Pre-treat stains by hand before putting the garment in the washing machine
  • Use ecological detergent
  • Periodically sanitize the washing machine with an empty load by placing a cup of vinegar in the detergent compartment
  • To avoid the onset of mold, always leave the door half open
  • Always add a cup of vinegar together with the detergent to avoid limescale build-up.

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