The electric of Renault

The electric of Renault

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The Renault electric are those of the Z.E. Range, a line of electric traction vehicles for all needs. Those who move purely in an urban environment can choose the very compact Twizy, those who need more space and autonomy can opt for the ZOE sedan while for those who aim for elegance can choose the Fluence and again, those who want a commercial vehicle or for transport of bulky material, it does not have to give up the electric motor because there is the very spacious Kangoo. As is clear, the Renault offers cars electric for every taste and need, all with two common denominators: efficiency and savings!

Renault electrical, the detailed list
Let's start with the youngest of the house, la Renaul Twizy.
Its starting price is 6,990 euros (price without incentives) and is offered to the public in two models. Twizy Urban and Twizy Urban 45. The Twizy offers all the advantages of a scooter (compact, you can park anywhere, agile ...) and all the comforts of a car (you drive safely and are protected from the elements). For all the technical features you can visit this page.

The Renault ZOE Sedan
The ZOE is a smart and elegant car. It can boast of being among the electric cars more accessible on the market and offers many options already with the standard model. The price ofelectric ZOE starts at 21,650 euros (excluding incentives). ThereZoe it offers a range of 210 km with a maximum speed of 135 km / h, excellent for urban but also extra-urban routes! Further information is available at this link.

The Renault Fluence Sedan
Always electric traction, always super-equipped and above all, still at home Renault. The Fluence is proposed to a more demanding public therefore also the price goes up, starting from 28,500 euros turnkey, also in this case we are talking about list price, therefore without incentives.

Kangoo is proposed to the public with a price starting from 20,650 euros. It is a perfect commercial vehicle but with its 5 seater version it can be perfect for large families. The electric vehicle comes with a comfortable interior that does not give up space and load volume!

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