DIY candles

DIY candles

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Making the candles at home it is possible, an original way to beautify your home by spending little. The procedure for the DIY candles it's not difficult, just follow some guidelines below.

DIY candles, what you need
Small saucepan
Colored tablets for candles alternatively pieces of wax crayons
Essential oil
Steel spoon

Useful information: in the realization of DIY candles we have chosen beeswax instead of the classic paraffin, as it is a completely natural, completely harmless product.

DIY candles, the procedure

  1. Pour the beeswax and stearin to the extent of 10% of the beeswax into a saucepan and melt in a water bath
  2. Add the chosen color, dosing it according to the final intensity you want to obtain
  3. Mix well using the stainless steel spoon, until a uniform color is obtained
  4. Finally add the scented essence
  5. Calculate the length of the wick which must be two centimeters longer than the mold in the lower part and five centimeters longer for the upper one
  6. Before placing the wick in the mold, dip it completely in the wax two to three times, letting it dry after each dipping
  7. Grease the mold with cooking oil using a brush and make a small hole in the lower part
  8. Place the wick, passing it through the hole
  9. Make sure the wick comes out of the stamp at least two centimeters
  10. To keep the wick straight, apply sealant to the base
  11. Pour in the melted wax, first making sure the wax is around eighty degrees centigrade
  12. Proceed slowly, making sure that no bubbles form during pouring
  13. To facilitate the solidification of the candle, place the mold for a few minutes under cold water or in the freezer

Once solidified, the candle is ready, if necessary proceed with the decoration to your liking, with leaves, flowers or other.

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