EXPO and food: How much? And what?

EXPO and food: How much? And what?

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Feeding the planet, energy for life is the claim of EXPO 2015 and focuses on the problem of the uneven production and distribution of food on the planet. The world population is increasing, food resources not so much and in the future there is the risk of not being there for everyone: it is good to start saying this and realizing it. It's also good to look for solutions, but how? One possible answer is to start asking the how much and what of food production - How much? And what? - words that refer to questions about how much and what we really need, eliminating the spechi.

It is unusual that a group of artists wondered about it, theAnonimartisti Cultural Association, promoters of a cultural event entitled How much? And what? on the calendar from 18 to 20 October in Milan in Palazzo Isimbardi, which for the occasion will become one with this exhibition dedicated to the now imminent EXPO 2015. The event is sponsored by the Department of Fashion Events Expo of the Province of Milan, as well as by the body EXPO.

How much? And what? Fifteen artists will address the themes of quantity and quality with works that will be exhibited during the cultural three-day period. There will also be live performances by the artists, interspersed with moments of live musical entertainment and tastings of food and wine products of Italian excellence. Even in the following days, but here the calendar is still to be defined, the performances of the artists will continue.

The exhibition How much? And what? will also have a very special food and wine part, in line with the concept of the project and with the theme ofEXPO 2015. Farms will have the opportunity to promote their products for the duration of the event. It will thus be possible to present foods from a sustainable production cycle, from organic foods to those without chemical additives or from zero kilometers. For a combination of art and food that has always influenced human activities.

How much, quantity: property of everything that can be measured, defined in its dimensions; number, mole. The amount of a resource. Quantity of food as availability and mirror of a society's well-being. The usable quantity, a little and a lot are a greatness. Little for many, much for a few.

What, quality: intrinsic characteristics of a thing, which determines its peculiarities, distinguishes it from the others and meets the user's expectations. Quality for the food industry is the standardization of the product which must always be equal to itself. A definition that comes with the industrial production of food.

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