How to reduce the consumption of the air conditioner

How to reduce the consumption of the air conditioner

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When the heat is felt, the conditioner becomes the object of desires. But the desires cost indeed they affect the bill! It's possible reduce the consumption of the air conditioner without having to give it up?
Of course, but you have to choose the right air conditioner, with inverter technology, thanks to which you can save 30% by limiting the on and off cycles and adjusting the power to the actual need. Another important factor to evaluate at the time of purchase is the energy class, orienting itself towards A which is the one with the highest energy efficiency. In any case, it is always good to consult an expert to evaluate the size of the system: it must be proportional to the apartment to avoid unnecessary waste.

Consumption of air conditioner, useful tips

  • When positioning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, choose a shady place: this allows a saving of 5%
  • Always check the filters and make sure they are always well clean: a dirty filter leads to a decrease in the performance of the appliance, being forced to remain in operation for a longer time to reach the optimum temperature
  • Clean the filters constantly, at least once every 2/3 week, removing any dust accumulated on the radiator
  • Avoid keeping a temperature that is too low, otherwise by going outside the temperature difference would be excessive and would represent a shock for our body: the internal temperature must never be below 26 degrees
  • Make sure that the air conditioner reaches the set temperature as soon as possible, as the air conditioner continues to operate until it reaches the set degrees, preventing heat from entering the house: doors and windows must be closed, the environment it must be protected from the sun's rays. Therefore, use blackout curtains or lower the blinds when the sun hits the windows
  • Activate only the dehumidification function since by reducing the amount of humidity in the air, it will also feel less hot.

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