How to recycle coffee grounds

After enjoying the coffee with the mocha, don't throw away the coffee grounds, they are not necessarily a throwaway waste! They can be recycled for various domestic uses. In fact, below we will illustrate how a waste of the wet, such as coffee grounds, can acquire several properties.

Coffee grounds, anti-odor
THE coffee grounds they have the ability to absorb bad smells coming from the fridge or freezer. It is enough to put a few tablespoons of coffee background inside a small tray without closure and place it inside the fridge: if desired, you can add a few drops of essential oil to give it a fresh aroma, such as mint.
THE coffee grounds they can also be placed in ashtrays to counteract the annoying smell of cigarette butts. Also in this case we can add a few drops of essential oil, preferably vanilla.

Coffee grounds in the fireplace
Do you find it difficult to remove the ash from the fireplace as it tends to flutter being very light?
With i coffee grounds the problem is solved. It will be sufficient to sprinkle in advance on the ashes of coffee grounds and the ash will become more compact and easier to remove.

Coffee grounds to ward off insects
THE coffee grounds they are an effective natural repellent against ants, without neglecting the fact that being a natural product, it is harmless to children and pets. For the application just sprinkle the fwaves of coffee previously dried in the sun on the ground, close to the entry points of the house.
THE coffee grounds they are also an excellent pesticide against snails. Just sprinkle small amounts of on the ground coffee grounds to get snails away from your garden.

Coffee grounds in the ground
THE coffee grounds they can be used to make the soil acidic and fertilize it at the same time. Furthermore, i coffee grounds they are part of the organic waste that can be put in the composter: coffee tends to make the compost acidic, therefore suitable for camellias, geraniums, azaleas, gardenias, heather hydrangeas, magnolias etc.

Video: How to store coffee grounds to use later. (December 2021).