How to choose the hood for the kitchen

How to choose the hood for the kitchen

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Are you going to replace the hood for the kitchen? Know that you have the 2013 eco-incentives for household appliances. At the time of choose the hood for the kitchen some important factors need to be considered. The hood must have the Imq mark, which certifies and guarantees reliability from the point of view of safety and efficiency. Now we will see in detail how to choose a hood for the kitchen following our directions.

Hood for the kitchen, the directions

  • Choose a hood that is at least the same width as the hob
  • When positioning, make sure it is 65 cm above a gas hob or 75 cm above an electric hob
  • Choose a model that adapts to the size of the kitchen, also considering the time spent in the stove and the number of people for whom you cook: in calculating the power you need to consider that in the presence of a long, thin and perhaps with some curves, it takes more power. Without neglecting the noise generated by the passage of air through the suction pipes, so the more powerful the hood, the less silent it will be.

Hood for the kitchen, suction or filter
The hoods for the kitchen they do not all have the same characteristics, they can be suction or filtering:

  • In the extractor hood, the vapors and fumes from the kitchen are sucked in thanks to a filter system and then conveyed to an exhaust pipe (the flue) that reaches outside the home
  • In the filter hood, odors are filtered thanks to special filters and then returned to the environment: it is recommended when you do not have a flue.

Useful information: the exhaust pipe, therefore the flue must be used only for the hood and not for other appliances such as stoves, boilers, etc., as, otherwise, harmful fumes may return to the environment.

Hood for the kitchen, filters
Great attention must be paid to the filters:
The grease filters retain cooking grease and vapors, thereby protecting the engine and exhaust pipe from damage. The metal grease filters, honeycomb type, are easy to wash then there are the synthetic filters which, however, must be replaced periodically.
The odor filters are produced with activated carbon and must be installed only in the filter hoods: they must be replaced at least every 4 months to avoid the stagnation of odors in the environment.

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