Smart Utility Summit 2013

Smart Utility Summit 2013

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What are the key drivers in the implementation of a intelligent electrical system and customer-centric? What is the role, challenges and opportunities of Utilities in the current regulatory, economic and energy context? Why the Smart Grids and how the eletricity grid national?

He talks about it to Rome, the 9 July 2013 at Palazzo Rospigliosi, during the conference Smart Utility Summit 2013 organized by Business International, with the patronage of Aiget, Federutility and FIRE and in collaboration with IBM. The event was born with the aim of bringing together the main utilities active in projects of Smart Grids and in the 'intelligent' management of the consumer.

A Smart Grid it's a eletricity grid which integrates actions of all users connected to the network: generators, consumers (prosumers), to provide a safe and environmentally sustainable economic service. The novelty is represented by the fact that the consumer is involved in the management of the system and is no longer just a consumer; as well as the Smart Grid it is no longer just a distribution network.

Key players and stakeholders will animate the debate on scenarios, paths, processes and perspectives towards the intelligent management of energy grid and the customer, with a strong focus on business models that transfer the benefits across the supply chain to the consumer and more generally on the development drivers of Utilities where technologies are redesigning energy networks.

Numerous speakers on the agenda: Mauro Annunziato, Head of Energy Efficiency Unit, ENEA; Stefano Besseghini, Chief Executive Officer, RSE; Marcello Capra, Technical Secretariat, Department of Energy, Ministry for Economic Development - Italian Coordinator of the Technology Action Plan on Smart Grids, Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate; Andrea Casalgrandi, Consumer Segment Sales Director, Sorgenia; Marco Cotti, Head of Smart Grids and New Technologies Development - Enel Distribuzione; Lucio Cremaschini, Head of Operations, A2A Reti Elettriche; Dario Di Santo, Director, FIRE; Niccolò Eusepi, President, Assoconsumatori; Michele Governatori, President, Aiget; Salvatore Molé, Director of Technologies and Development, HERA Group; Giacomo Musso, Sales SME, Sales Director, Axpo Italia; Simone Lo Nostro, Head of Marketing, Supply and Corporate Sales, Enel; Lorenzo Sessa, Marketing Director, Edison Energia; Adolfo Spaziani, General Manager, Federutility; Francesco Sperandini, Director of Services and Technologies, ACEA; Chicco Testa, President, Assoelettrica. Moderate the work: Diego Gavagnin of AIEE, the Italian Association of Energy Economists.

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