Participate in the census of the ibex on the Adamello

Participate in the census of the ibex on the Adamello

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You want to be part of the volunteer team of the Adamello Ibex Project who will take care of the monitoring e Ibex census in the heart of the Alps? Well, stay free on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July and pack your backpack. The appointment is at the Wildlife center of the Adamello Park in Paspardo, where a training course will be held aimed at establishing a team of guardian volunteers for the study of the neocolony of IBEX introduced in territory of the Park.

The course lasts one afternoon (Saturday 6 July starting at 14.00) during which experts and researchers will illustrate the characteristics and history of the ibex, the current conservation status and the main methods of census of this extraordinary animal. Membership is free, but availability to participate in at least one session of census summer or autumn (the first two releases are scheduled for August and November 2013).

The course for volunteers engaged in census of ibex is part of the appointments thatPro Natura Man and Territory Association organized between Saturday and Sunday 7 July in the enchanting setting of the Adamello Park, in the province of Brescia. Three appointments, one goal: to involve volunteers in the monitoring and conservation of the adamelline neocolony, inaugurating the birth of Ibex Project Adamello promoted by the Association in collaboration with the Adamello Park.

In support of the Adamello Ibex Project, again in Paspardo, Saturday 6 July at 8 pm, appointment atPainter's Hostel with the fundraising dinner. With a contribution of 20 euros it will be possible to taste the complete menu based on typical dishes of Valcamonica, thus supporting, in addition to the cause of the project, also the activity of a young structure that aims to enhance the local area.

To close the two days dedicated to ibex it will be a naturalistic excursion at the foot of the Adamello. In this case, the appointment is for Sunday 7 July, at 9.30 am, at the Town Hall of Sonico (BS), from where we will reach the path that leads us to Baitone Refuge (2281 meters above sea level), where we will have lunch observing the ibex in nature. The return in the afternoon.

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