How to dispose of industrial waste

Dispose of industrial waste correctly it is a moral duty as well as a legal obligation for all entrepreneurs. Avoiding “easy and illegal shortcuts” can sometimes lead to gains rather than costs! Let's see how ...

The Legislative Decree 22/97 concerning waste disposal expressly provides that the flow of waste sent for disposal must be minimized to the advantage of recycling and recovery interventions.

Consortia were therefore born with a vertical specialization dedicated to disposal of individual types of waste we have already covered in the past, such as:

- Conai, for the recycling of packaging

- Corepla, for plastic recycling

- Coou, for the recycling of waste oils

- Cial, for the recycling of aluminum

- Coreve, for glass recycling

The entrepreneur who must dispose of their industrial waste can rely onspecialized operators which even arewilling to pay for the waste!

Among the most important operators we point out the Remedia TSR, the company of the Remedia Group, specialized in managing all the phases necessary for a correct disposal of industrial waste of various types: transport, treatment, recovery and environmentally compatible disposal.

Here are some examples waste categories managed by Remedia:

- Air conditioners and refrigeration systems
- Vending machines and refrigerated counters
- IT equipment
- Consumer equipment
- Electrical and electronic tools (except large stationary industrial tools)
- Medical devices (except for all implanted and infected products)

- Large and small appliances

- Toys and equipment for sports and leisure

- Lead accumulators:
- Car batteries
- UPS batteries
- Traction batteries

- Photovoltaic panels:
- Monocrystalline module
- Polycrystalline module

- Electrical components of photovoltaic systems (inverters, electrical panels, meters, cables ...)

Another company with decades of experience is Petrilli S.r.l. based in Pieve Emanuele (MI) specialized in the recovery of waste from industrial activities, commercial, artisanal, production, bookbinding and typography

Falcognara recoveries are active in the Rome area, which on its site claims to be able to recycle 80% of the waste treated.

Often the geographical proximity of the partner chosen for properly dispose of industrial waste it can be a decisive element in minimizing transport costs. For this reason, a simple Google search allows you to quickly have a list of potential partners in the area of ​​interest and then proceed with a telephone contact for the necessary further information.

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