Pyppy: domestic photovoltaics

Pyppy is the name of the device domestic photovoltaic which fits perfectly in the garden or balcony. It was presented as the "first balcony photovoltaic system in Italy " and boasts real characteristics domestic photovoltaic. The first testimony is given by the wheels: pyppy it is equipped with wheels that guarantee maximum ease of use.

In many Italian locations it is not possible to install photovoltaic roofs, it is in this context that it takes over pyppy: no authorizations and no grid connections are required. Once purchased, the Pyppy domestic photovoltaic will be able to provide for the electrical needs of household appliances in common use.

Pyppy it is available in versions from 1200 W / h up to 2,400 W / h. The photovoltaic cells of the device convert solar energy into electricity which is immediately stored in a storage battery. The energy produced by Pyppy it can be used to power several devices at the same time, both at low voltage such as lamps or refrigerators, and at 230V thanks to the presence of a built-in inverter.

Pyppy, the domestic photovoltaic which integrates storage batteries and inverters, is proposed by the Italian company Ri-Ambientando. The price of Pyppy starts at 1,450 euros. If the price seems excessive to you, know that 55% of the expense could be deducted at the time of the next tax return (at this link you can find out how!).

Pyppy it is covered by a 5-year warranty while as regards the photovoltaic modules, these are certified with a life cycle of 20 years.

Pyppy born as photovoltaic for use domestic but it can be adopted very well in public places, cabins, bungalows with low environmental impact and is perfect for terraces and gardens. Pyppy it is not the only system of domestic photovoltaic proposed by the market. Island kits for use are very popular domestic associated with energy accumulators of 18 or more kWh. Photovoltaic kits can be associated with mini wind for use domestic. In the smaller models, the generator photovoltaic it supplies 2 kW of energy while the wind one supplies 1.5 kW.

Remaining within the scope of photovoltaic garden, the market proposes "Sun Table", a table that integrates a 64W photovoltaic panel. The panel is covered with tempered glass with a thickness of 3 mm, also in this case there is an energy accumulator and guarantees: the photovoltaic component promises to offer clean energy for 25 years!

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