Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse

Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse

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Grow the cucumber it is very simple, cultivation can be done both outdoors and in a greenhouse. In the article you will find all the indications of the cucumber cultivation in greenhouses.

Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse, sowing
The sowing, which takes place in spring, is done by planting a seed for each jar, it will then be necessary to water and place the containers in a warm place, around 25 ° C.
After two weeks you will have to move the seedlings into larger pots and then arrange them in late spring, in the greenhouse by planting them in 15-liter pots filled with compost or in sacks.

Cucumber cultivation in greenhouses, procedure in the summer
When summer arrives you will have to water often and place on each cucumber, a stick, wrapping it around the plant: be careful to tie it in several places without tightening.
Eliminate with your fingers the jets that form on the leaf bases, to have plants consisting only of the main stem. As soon as the plant exceeds the top of the support it must be tied and trimmed, breaking the apical meristem and letting the two lateral jets hang down.
In late summer, the first fruits will begin to form, at which point they will need to be watered every day by adding organic fertilizer for tomatoes,

Useful information: the plants must be watered and fed must be constant throughout the summer season.

Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse, collection
Harvesting begins in mid-summer until autumn, but remember to harvest the cucumbers at least twice a week to encourage fruiting of the vegetable.

Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse, parasites
the cucumbers they are attacked by the whitefly and by the spider mites which are typical parasites of greenhouses.
In this case it will be sufficient to wet the greenhouse floor every day, in order to create a humid environment to ward off pests.

Useful information: pay attention to climatic conditions, cucumbers can also be subject to the white disease that manifests itself with white spots on the leaves when the climate is hot and dry. In this sense, it will be advisable to keep the windows open and provide the plants with the necessary water to prevent them from drying out.

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