When to prune hydrangeas

When to prune hydrangeas

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When to prune hydrangeas: best time, which branches to eliminate and how to cut them best. Which scissors to use. All tips on hydrangea pruning.

The hydrangeas they are beautiful plants that need special attention including the right pruning, as they grow quickly. If you don't know when to prune hydrangeas, in this article you will find all the information you need.

When to prune hydrangeas

To prevent the hydrangeas, growing and expanding, they can invade the surrounding green space, it is necessary to prune to give a shape to the plant. Hydrangeas should be planted in the most shaded areas of the garden and do not need abundant water. On the contrary, hydrangeas need a good air exchange and for this reason the bush must be thinned withpruningannually.

When to prune hydrangeas, the best time

Generally the hydrangeas they should be pruned in autumn, when they finish flowering but if you forgot to last fall prune hydrangeas, you can repair in the spring, but before the temperatures increase. It is always recommended to prune hydrangeas when they are still in vegetative rest.

I have set out the best time for you prune hydrangeas, however, it is equally important to evaluate the variety and the time of flowering.

It must be remembered that the hydrangeas they are divided into shrubby and climbing species. Depending on the species, there are hydrangea plants that bloom on the branches of the year (young branches) and hydrangeas that bloom on the branches of the previous year (old branches). Generally, shrub hydrangeas bloom on young branches, but if you have a particular species, remember to read up.

How to prune hydrangeas

Before pruning a plant of hydrangeas, know that the flowers are the young branches so you have to cut, with the autumn pruning, only the branches that have already given their flowers, leaving room for new branches that will flower in spring.

Cut old branches about 10 to 30 inches above the ground, a couple of inches from a pair of buds. It is important to leave a couple of buds because it is from here that two new branches will be born that will give the flowering of hydrangeas in the spring that follows.

If yours hydrangeashe is weak and has few flowers, perhaps she needs to be reinvigorated. If you think the plant of hydrangeas need more force, you can do one pruning radical. In this way the hydrangea will develop new branches but it will take two years before giving you abundant flowering. This procedure is only recommended for hydrangeas that have not produced flowers or that have been attacked by diseases, viruses or parasites.

It is advisable never to prune hydrangeas Young people. The first pruning should be done in the third year of the plant's life. In the absence of careful pruning where all the old branches must be removed, you will still have to ensure a minimum of thinning of the plant. Basic pruning involves the elimination of thin branches, any dry branches and withered flowers.

The scissors to use for pruning hydrangeas

Be sure to perform the pruning hydrangeaswith suitable phobics:

  • the scissors must guarantee a clean cut and without crushing
  • the scissors must be disinfected before each pruning
  • the scissors must be strong enough to cut even the woody branches at the base

For pruning hydrangeas as well as for pruning all the plants in the garden, we recommend the use of scissors with ratchet, especially if this is done by a woman. Ratchet scissors are very versatile but are especially recommended when it comes toprune the hydrangeabecause its branchesfleshythey tend to be crushed by other less suitable types of scissors.

L'hydrangeait does not have particularly hard branches, so you will have to limit yourself to activating the ratchet only when cutting the branches at the base, the more woody ones: here, the ratchet system allows you to distribute the cutting effort and depending on the diameter of the branch so as to obtain a clean cut with minimal effort even with the hardest branches. The effectiveness of the cut is such that many farmers even use these scissors to prune fruit trees ... however we advise you to use them only for ornamental plants and to wash the blades well before or after each use.

Another advantage of these scissors is the price. A good item with excellent value for money can be found on Amazon for € 7.99 with free shipping. For all information, I refer you to the official product page: Brüder ratchet scissors.

Regardless of the type of scissors you will use, make sure they are well sharpened and that they do not crush the "fleshy" branches of the hydrangea when cutting.

The brittle, crushed or badly cut branches become thefavorite hauntof a large number of parasites that could infect the plant and make flowering poor.

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