Silverfish, the natural repellents

You are on the hunt for a natural repellent to remove the silverfish? The Lepisma saccharina, better known as silverfish, they are very small insects that feed on anything that contains starches. A natural repellent for silverfish is the laurel! THE silverfish are able to invade our home, we can find them in books or in the darkest corners of the wardrobe and, despite their nice name, silverfish they have an unpleasant appearance: they look like little gray worms with legs and antennae.

They can hide under wallpaper so they can slowly destroy, they can invade starched clothes and ruin photos and books. But how come i silverfish have invaded your home? THE silverfish they are attracted to humid environments, therefore, counteracting humidity will help keep them away.

Natural repellents to remove the silverfish
As stated, there are gods natural repellents to remove the silverfish and laurel is one of them. To eliminate the problem of silverfish, just add a few drops of essential oil of plant varieties such as bay leaf, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and ginkgo biloba. If you don't feel like buying preparations, you can put bay leaves between the infested books and create a potpourri based on the inflorescences of lavender and ginkgo biloba leaves. The effectiveness of this natural repellent it is temporary therefore it will be necessary to change the putpourri every 5-6 months by adding new inflorescences and new leaves.

Another natural remedy for eliminate the silverfish provides for the setting up of traps. In this way, the silverfish are attracted to our bait and can be removed from cabinets and other environments. Here's how to set up the trap:
Take a large potato, create a concavity inside the potato by removing part of the pulp. Leave the potato near the insect den for a whole night and in the morning throw away the potato that contains the captured silverfish.

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