Duties on Chinese solar, how much will they cost to Europe?

Duties on Chinese solar, how much will they cost to Europe?

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L'Europe he fixed customs duties on solar imports from China (cells and panels). China in response has launched an anti-dumping investigation into imported European wine, particularly French, Italian and Spanish wine. According to China's allegations, cheap European wine would harm the Asian market.

As this new tax war comes to life e customs duties, the IHS research team has estimated that i duties set by the EU on Chinese solar products, will have a negative impact on European solar growth, the negative impacts will be visible immediately.

Overall, the IHS estimate says the EU will only install 6 GW of solar capacity by the end of 2013, 33 per cent less capacity than in 2012. Germany's solar market is expected to see 3 GW less than. to 2012 while in Italy the projections show a decrease of about 2 GW.

THE customs duties imposed by the EU on the import of Chinese solar products amounted to 11.8% for the first 60 days but from August onwards the duties will exceed 47%. The estimates made by the IHS do not take into account the massive imports of solar and photovoltaic Chinese that are taking place these days: European companies, in view of the 47% increase in duties, are importing a large amount of photovoltaics and solar cells from China, these imports represent a sort of "solar supply" that European companies do in view of the increases of duties in August.

Considering the "solar inventories", the IHS research team has estimated that for the second half of 2013 the cuts in the growth of the European solar sector will amount "only" to 1.3 GW. Only 20% of the estimates presented above. According to the IHS, the strongest solar markets in the near future will be:

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. United States
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. India
  7. UK
  8. Greece (considering aid from Germany)
  9. Australia
  10. Canada

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