How to remove parquet scratches

How to remove parquet scratches

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The parquet may be subject to scratches and consequently lose its beauty. For this reason many people opt for a different flooring, but be aware that eliminate scratches on the parquet it is possible thanks to some tricks that we will show you.

In the flooring of an apartment, the parquet represents a prudent choice for those who care about the environmental sustainability of the planet. It is a resistant, biodegradable material, with an excellent energy balance, recyclable and if it has been treated correctly, it does not pollute. Obviously, it is assumed that the wood was harvested with respect for the environment. Although many forests are managed responsibly, many huge forests are being destroyed out of control.

At the time of purchase, it is your right to claim that the purchased wood is guaranteed by a certification that protects the origin and procurement methods. For those who already own a parquet, here how to eliminate scratches on parquet effectively.

How to remove parquet scratches, commercial products
On the market there is a specific spray to remove the single scratch. But be careful with use, it is always good to try the product in a hidden corner of the floor to check if the pigment is identical. Before long, the scratch should go away.

How to remove parquet scratches with paper-glass
If the spray does not prove effective, here is a more invasive method:

  1. sand the scratched area with very fine sandpaper, following the direction of the wood grain until the scratch is gone
  2. clean the treated area very carefully, putting two drops of white spirit on a microfibre cloth and rubbing
  3. pass a color over with the help of a brush imitating the typical stains of wood
  4. let it dry and then apply a second light coat.

How to remove parquet scratches with the sander
If there are scratches scattered over the entire parquet floor, proceed differently:

  1. sand the entire affected area with emery paper: the operation will remove the protective gloss
  2. use specific wax for wood and leave on for at least twenty minutes
  3. once the wax has hardened, remove it with a clean microfibre cloth
  4. finally, put some very dense liquid wax and polish with the help of the classic polisher with rotating felt brushes to restore shine tol parquet

Parquet repair kit to remove lines and scratches

On the market there is no shortage of special kits made with waxes and applicators. The waxes fill the thickness of the line, restoring a homogeneous surface both to the touch and to the waist. The only contraindication is that it is not always easy to find the right shade for your wax parquet. It is true that the market offers are many but it is equally true that they now exist parquet of countless colors, shades and finishes. When purchasing, make sure you take the wax stick of the shade closest to that of parquet to be repaired.

The image above shows a "parquet repair kit" proposed by Amazon at a price of 49.95 euros with free shipping. These are wax correctors of different shades, supplied with an electric applicator (works with three batteries included in the price) and a spatula that will help you to spread the layer of wax in the best possible way and to cover thelineor thescratch. It is designed for parquet and laminate floors but can also be used to repair the wooden jambs of doors and windows or the structures of wooden chairs and tables. It offers resistant and lasting repairs and with the right application it can cover even the most extensive lines. The kit includes 15 shades of different waxes.

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