Milan and its organic ice cream shops

Milan and its organic ice cream shops

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Who is on the hunt for organic ice cream parlors between Milan and the province, he found "Cream for your palate"! Yes, maybe, "bread for his teeth " it is more conventional as a proverb but the saying just coined makes the idea better! The organic ice cream parlors offer artisanal ice creams prepared starting with certified ingredients bio.

A organic ice cream shop use real eggs and not powdered ones, fresh organic fruit instead of jellies and milk and cream bio. The result is a real one ice cream and you can feel the difference! Between organic ice cream parlors of Milan we point out theIce Dream of Via Crescenzago and the ice cream shop Organic Sweet " of Via Moscova.

The Ice Dream Gelateria in Via Crescenzago, 36, offers vegan ice cream to fruit, in fact the basic products for fruit ice creams do not include animal derivatives but only water, sugar and fresh fruit of the season. As for the starting ingredients of milk-based ice cream, the ice cream shop use sugar, cream, milk, organic eggs, hazelnuts bio, pistachios from Bronte, almonds from Avola, pine nuts, organic sesame, coffee, yogurt, cocoa, organic honey, walnuts, cinnamon, ginger, organic raisin eggs, rice, cardamom and candied orange. There ice cream shop Ice Dream does not mention any thickeners used.

There ice cream shop Sweet Bio looks even more interesting!
Here the organic ice cream it is prepared exclusively with certified ingredients bio by the IMC (Mediterranean Institute of Certification). The sugar used is cane or glucose obtained from corn, as thickeners there are carob seed flour or guam seed flour. Milk and cream are also branded bio, from the Magenta milk plant.

The eggs they come from a farm bio and the ice creams offered do not contain dyes or hydrogenated vegetable fats. In addition to the ingredients mentioned, the ice cream shop Sweet Bio uses preparations packaged by the Mec3 company, in fact Sweet Bio is a format of that brand. In addition to the classics ice creams customers can enjoy fruit salads of fresh fruit with frozen yogurt bio. There is no shortage of croissants, ricotta and pistachio mousse and less common but no less genuine flavors such as the "ginger and cinnamon" combination.

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