How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies

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How to get rid of fliesat home or in the garden. Repellent or trap to keep flies out in the open. Practical and do-it-yourself remedies.

With the increase in temperatures and the arrival of summer, the hated ones regularly come to visit us flies!

With specific hygiene measures it is possible to reduce their presence in the house and in the garden. Plus, they exist natural remediesto remove them and solve the flies problem permanently. Here how to keep flies away in a natural way.

How to get rid of flies with natural remedies

Here are some natural remedies for drive away flies outdoorsor at home, effectively.

Fly repellent for use at home

Take small bowls and put in them citrus peels in small pieces and cloves, with a few essential drops of citrus fruit or cloves. Then place the bowls in the corners of the house.

The fliesthey can still be annoying when they populate the kitchen.

Take a small bag of tulle and put parsley, eucalyptus, bay leaf, cloves in it and hide it in a corner of the kitchen. Alternatively, you can put a glass of white vinegar, to be placed on a kitchen cabinet.

The best way to eliminate flies from the home is to use curtains or mosquito nets that can prevent access. Flies, unfortunately, are very resistant diptera: they adapt to the most diverse environments, they do not suffer from smog, heat, sun or shade ... So wherever the house is located, the only way to remove them is to prevent access using special mosquito nets.

Body fly repellent:great for removing flies outdoors!

Soak the vinegar for 48 hours with some lemon peels and a handful of cloves. Then dilute this mixture with water and spray on the body and on our four-legged friends. Useful, therefore, also forkeep flies away from the dog.

Fly repellent for use in the garden

Put some mint leaves and a few lemon peels and leave to macerate in white vinegar for at least 48 hours. Place the mixture in the areas most infested with flies.

Natural repellent on glasses

To remove flies from the windows we can clean them with a mixture made of water and vinegar, adding 100 ml of vinegar for every liter of water. Once you have passed the product, dry the windows without rinsing as usual.

Natural repellent for use at home

For eliminate flies from the house aromatherapy is also useful. Put five drops of eucalyptus essential oil in an essence burner, diluted with a little water, preferably distilled (or collected by the conditioner). Spread the essence in the room a few hours before going to bed.

Fly paper

Fly paper, in addition to being rich in synthetic chemicals and pollutants for the environment, is a remedy that is not recommended.

Drive away flies outdoors with repellent plants

A plant that drive away flies it is pyrethrum, it also keeps away some greedy parasites of your vegetables.

DIY traps

It is possible to make DIY traps using old jars or plastic bottles. Simply dissect the bottle and fill it with a mixture of water, a drop of dish soap and anchovies. The flies, attracted by the anchovies, will end up drowned in the water because the detergent changes the density of the water causing the fly to drown.

How to get rid of flies from your lawn and garden

The fly trapsto be truly effective, they should be distributed throughout the garden. Sure, a couple of trapsthey manage to destroy a large number of flies, perfect for small spaces but if our garden is large, the baits alone cannot be enough.

In this case you can complete the work using anatural insecticideeffectiveagainst flies.

We are talking about a pesticide widely used in organic farming because in addition to flies it is effective against garden parasites.

Its active ingredient, "pyrethrin", works very well even if many people, due to a bad way of use, are unable to appreciate it. Thetreatment against flies, in fact, it must be performed in the evening, after sunset, so the sun will not be able to affect the effectiveness of its active ingredient which, being natural, is not persistent like other synthetic chemical molecules.

Thepyrethrumis effective against:

1. mosquito
2. crop bugs and green bed bugs
3. beetles
4. aphids and plant lice
5. crawling insects
6. white fly
7. earwigs
8. altica
9. common fly
10. many other plant parasitic insects

On the market there are several pyrethrum-based insecticides, they can be purchased in the form of powder or practical liquid spray. L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based is easily found at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a 750 ml pack of Vitax spray - natural pyrethrum-based insecticide, is offered on Amazon at a price of 13.76 euros with expenses free shipping. It is a ready-to-use spray that must not be diluted. It is clear that a single bottle can guarantee a modest treatment.

Unfortunately, many people are convinced that pyrethrum is not effective but, as I told you earlier, they are wrong to use it!

Pyrethrin is a photosensitive substance (it deactivates in direct sunlight), therefore, especially in liquid form, pyrethrum-based insecticides should be used in the late afternoon. Only in this way can this pesticide manifest its effects andremove the annoyingflies.

Where to distribute it to ward off flies?

If you have a lawn, you will have to spray it all along the turf, this is where flies love to hide, in the humidity of the fresh grass.

I pointed out a 750 ml pack, but there are also concentrated solutions on the market to be diluted. For example, Bayer's natural insecticide "pyrethrum actigreen" was born for horticultural purposes but can be used very well against flies because the active ingredient is the same.

In this case you will need to dilute 14-25 ml of product in 10 liters of water in order to have a greater yield and more convenience in large-scale treatments.

The price is 19.91 euros with shipping costs included and, again, for all the information, I refer you to the product sheet: Bayer Pyrethrum actigreen (Bio).

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