Banks with 'almost 0 energy' and 'green deposit' at the Banking Award

Banks with 'almost 0 energy' and 'green deposit' at the Banking Award

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Green Globe Banking Award awarded also this year (2013 - 6th edition) to the banks that have shown that they value the environmental Protection. And the point is not whether the banks did it out of a sense of responsibility or to please the market (usually for both) what matters is that their projects-actions are concrete and lead to results that can be translated into collective good.

Banks can do a lot for the environment. They can certainly facilitate credit to green investments (the serious ones), but they can also give an example of how one should behave in terms of energy efficiency of buildings, rules of conduct for the energy saving, separate waste collection and more.

The European Directive provides for the implementation of buildings a power almost 0 starting from 2020, but it is not forbidden to bring forward this deadline and maybe do it with interventions that also concern the existing and not just the new buildings. Those who anticipate (seriously) put hay in the farmhouse and show that they consider the environmental protection a strategic goal, which the market likes.

We are talking about the market, which are the people-consumers-customers, because the responsibility for building is almost always the responsibility of a company and because there are companies that, by intervening on their own building stock, can make a great contribution to environmental Protection. Think of a bank, with all its branches: it would be enough to agree on double-sided photocopies (this is just an example) to make a great contribution.

And the winners? The Direct Impacts category of 6° Green Globe Banking Award saw win Intesa Sanpaolo with the project An almost 0 'energy branch, whose objective is precisely to anticipate the aforementioned European Directive. Second Deutsche Bank and third la Cooperative Credit Bank of Rome. The basis for the regulation, The Green Globe Banking Award it is assigned to the banking / financial institution that stands out in the realization of a strategic project centered on direct impacts.

A special category of the Green Globe Banking Award and this year the Cooperative Credit Bank of Castagneto Carducci with the 'You, your Bank and the Territory - Green Deposit'. In second and third place, respectively: Banca Popolare di Vicenza is Savings Bank of Asti.

Certificates of distinction to: Popolare di Vicenza and Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma, Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Cambiano, Banca Etruria, Banca Sella, Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra, Credito Trevigiano, ICCREA Banca and Banca di Credito Cooperativo Romagna Cooperativa.

The Green Globe Banking Ad Honorem Award 2013 was won by Global Alliance for Banking on Values, an international association composed of 25 innovative banks in terms of environmental sustainability and ethics. He withdrew the Award Mario Crosta, General Manager of Banca Popolare Etica, associate of the network.

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