How to decant plants

How to decant plants

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Transfer the plants it is a necessary procedure for the good growth of the vegetable. In fact, the plant grows …… at a certain point that pot becomes too narrow! How can I understand that the time has come decant my plant? The alarm bell comes when the roots begin to emerge from the drainage holes of the pot. Here is chow to transfer plants, following the directions step by step.

How to decant plants, directions
The decanting requires a lot of patience, in fact we must be careful to avoid a strong trauma for the plant.
Another important recommendation is to buy pots that guarantee water drainage: they must have a larger central hole and other decentralized holes.
Also, remember that you do not need a much larger pot than the previous one: more soil means more water and this could harm the plant, risking that the water stagnates in depth and cause part of the roots to rot.

How to decant plants, the procedure

  1. Take the pot you purchased and place a few pieces of clay pot on the bottom of the pebbles and a layer of pebbles to facilitate drainage: it serves to facilitate the exit of excess water through the special holes. This is material that can be easily recycled in the garden or on the street.
  2. Take out the plant with all the soil from the old pot, being careful not to remove the roots
  3. Insert the plant in the new one, fill the lateral "holes" with new soil, compact and water abundantly.

Useful information: together with the soil it is preferable to add a little organic fertilizer, the ideal would be compost made by you.

What plant are you transferring?
Some plants must follow specific instructions for decanting, some spring plants such as primroses or petunias, sold in very small jars, must immediately be decanted into larger pots. If you have purchased a large vase to make a flower arrangement, be careful to leave at least 10 centimeters between one plant and another: as they grow, the void will be filled.

How to decant succulents
Succulents generally do not require transfer operations, they can in fact remain inside the same pot for several years.

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