Games for children: separate collection

Games for children: separate collection

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To educate i children to good environmental practices there is nothing better than interacting with gods games. To stimulate initial reflections on the problem of waste and the efficient use of resources, i children can count on several games on separate collection. THE games on differentiated they exist both in multimedia format and in board game form. With a little creativity, you can organize some nice ones at home games on recycling, perhaps setting up a prize competition for those who can recognize the greatest number of categories of waste or with practice: what do you think about recycling paper with your children / pupils?

An alternative to the classics games there is the telling of a fantastic story where the protagonists are the waste or, alternatively, the protagonists could be the children and their business to save the world from landfills! If the children are old enough to know how to write, a game “Enigmistico”, in this regard we point out a two-page leaflet containing gods games for children dedicated to recycling. Inspired by the reported leaflet you can set up a large number of games with an environmental theme!

Among the board games for children dedicated to recycling we would like to point out the "Il Gioco del Pulito" project which aims to trigger the idea of ​​separate collection and recycling of waste for children by means of a colored board. The board game is for 2 or 4 players, it is composed of a board that traces the path of the game, a deck with 28 cards representing the waste, three dice and the characters. Among the characters, to spice up the game there is the Sweeper and the Dirty!

In the context of the web there is the game developed by funschool and hosted on, the game is called Michael go Recycle, it is described as interactive, funny and intuitive. The graphics are very simple, the game is perfect for kids who want to familiarize themselves with garbage collection and above all, it's free.

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