The ecological impact of eBooks

The paper book Yes "dematerialize " to be reborn in the form of data, many bits that form the so-called "ebook". In the digital society it is right to ask ourselves aboutecological impact of ebook. Are they really as green as they look? The first positive side of the ebook does not lie in the failure to disseminate the paper but in the orders.

Buying a book means leaving home, producing harmful emissions to go to the store closest to home, hoping that the book we have chosen is available! In the worst case scenario we have to leave the house twice or order the paper book online, which means bothering a courier and producing other harmful emissions with the transport! The ebook they lack this ecological impact, they can be "purchased " through a simple download, in a few seconds the digital book is available on your modable device.

The home library will survive the ebook? Currently, books still constitute the "symbol of knowledge", a distinctive status sign. But in reality books are not a tool of knowledge just a mere object of the market and how everything that enters the market follows the rules to obtain more sales. So i books they end up not respecting the sacredness of their roots: the trees from which paper is obtained, the water used for production, the energy and all the resources required. The books have hard covers, many pages are wasted to use more captivating fonts and ad hoc modeled spaces due to marketing choices.

Let's go back to our original question. L'ecological impact of ebooks is really lighter thanimpact what can printed books have? The answer is not absolute. It depends on many variables. According to the study entitled "Energy Use of Print vs Electronic Media", Conducted by Tejo Pydipati, the reading of a document pollutes less if it is on printed paper when the same document is consulted by more people, in short, if you go to the library to consult a text, that text will have a ecological impact less than a new download. Further information can be obtained by reading the aritocolo "eBooks vs Books, those who pollute less?“

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