Cultivating the vegetable garden, digging and fertilizing

Cultivating the vegetable garden, digging and fertilizing

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Grow vegetables it is an agricultural practice that does not require strong competence, perseverance, patience and time are enough. Grow vegetables it does not necessarily mean having a large piece of land, a few meters are enough to have your own vegetable garden and always have genuine fruit and vegetables. In the article we will illustrate how to cultivate the vegetable garden following some useful indications.

Grow vegetables, digging
The first thing to do in the cultivation of the vegetable garden is the digging, necessary to optimize the fertility of the soil. It consists in turning the soil well so that the deepest part of the soil, the richest one, comes out on the surface while the upper part, the most exploited and most impoverished one, is buried. For the procedure it is sufficient to place the spade vertically on the ground, pressing with the foot on the stirrup, to make the spade penetrate into the ground to a depth of about 20-30 cm.
Turn the soil in the spade over the other clods already dug and spread and distribute the soil, eliminating any stones and roots and forming furrows to receive the fertilizer. Digging is carried out once a year in the winter.
Many experts recommend spreading the classic ash from the fireplace on the surface after digging. It is a soil conditioner that at the same time contains potassium oxide, which serves to complete and enrich the vegetables.

Useful information: if the ground is very grassy, ​​before proceeding with digging, it is advisable to remove the weeds, to make the job easier to carry out.

Grow vegetables, fertilization
After digging, it's time to fertilize there'vegetable garden. The most used fertilizer is always manure which must be divided into buckets and then distributed throughout the field.
To proceed with a correct fertilization of thevegetable garden, it is necessary to obtain the fertilizer in a quantity commensurate with the surface to be treated. The fertilizer must be distributed along the furrows that we have prepared and then cover everything with the earth. With the rake you can evenly level all the treated soil.
Here is the nourished earth, ready to receive sowing and capable of offering us a vegetable garden luxuriant and full of genuine products.

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