How to water potted plants

How to water potted plants

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Water, like light, is a vital element for plants. Those living in the open ground can count on the contribution of rain and have a lot of land available to push their roots, for potted plants instead everything depends on watering, which must be regular. Water it is especially important in the hot season, but not only.

When needed water? It depends. The needs of one plant in terms of water they vary according to two fundamental parameters to always keep in mind: the characteristics of the plant and its natural environment (a plant fat is different from one plant rainforest); the temperature and relative humidity of the environment in which the plant lives.

It is perfectly useless to indicate in the tables or on the product sheet that one plant it goes watered once or twice a week and that the watering are suspended in winter: if one plant who needs moist soil spends the winter in an apartment heated by convectors will need to be watered often, even every day.

For water correctly potted plants The shape and material should also be kept in mind jar, which may or may not favor the rapid drying of the soil. Basically it can be said that the potted plants they go watered when they need it: although the statement seems trivial, it is the only truly logical one. There are no other certain rules.

L'watering is one of the most delicate aspects for the life of potted plants because, in addition to providing the water necessary for the life of the plants themselves, also serves to increase humidity, lower the temperature in summer and often also to provide water-soluble fertilizers and carry out pesticide treatments.

For thewatering of plants on the terrace and on the balcony (here we are talking about irrigation) the optimal system is that of drip plants or perforated hoses, which work well even when the water pressure is low. There are various models on the market, ready in kit to assemble, but you can also build it yourself cheaply.

What is the best time of day to water? It is generally preferable water the plants in the morning, so that they come in the evening with dry leaves; this reduces the likelihood of fungal attacks. The flowers, which are the most delicate part of the plants, should never be wet. If you use cold water it is best not to wet the leaves.

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