The cell phone 40 years later

The cell phone 40 years later

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Cell phone? Yes, once ... Forty years after his birth with mobile phone you do a lot of things, but few phone calls. The time has not yet come cell phone who prepares coffee, but we are close according to a survey on how Italians use the most indispensable (at least so it is considered) and inevitable personal accessories.

Who knows what Martin Cooper would think, the Motorola engineer who made history in 1973 with the first call from a mobile phone that weighed a kilo and a half, if you knew that today - year 2013 - that object has become not only very used, but also something a little different from a telephone; starting with the names he took (smartphone, tablet) mixing with the computer.

According to research from Kingston Technology, an independent memory manufacturer (which like the mobile phone Cooper celebrates its first forty years in 2013), only 23.3% of people in Italy (but abroad does not change much) use the cell phone to make telephone calls. 33.3% of the interviewees admitted instead of using the cell phone mainly for social activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. 26.4% use it to chat on Whatsapp, and only 9.7% are limited to sending text messages.

And woe to lose the cell phone. Once the most feared loss was that of the wallet (it still is but only for 26.3% of the interviewees), today instead the most problematic loss would be that of one's own smartphone (32.9%), considered more serious than losing a tooth (19.7%) and much more serious than losing keys (11.8%).

Navigation aside, of the cell phones today you can make a long list of misuses. 21% of Italians use them for example to distract their children during a dinner at a restaurant. For 41.3%, and we are talking about just 5 years ago, it was unthinkable that the cell phone would have replaced the satellite navigator, while 26.7% would never have thought of identifying songs that pass on the radio with an App.

And if the integrated camera has upset the habit of taking pictures only on vacation, 13.3% would not have imagined being able to even retouch or enrich them with special effects directly from cell phone (but is it right to keep calling it that?). Two things perhaps still lacking in today's portable devices: speed and memory capacity such as to support them in doing everything (but here technology is providing) and the ability to use them, if it is true as it is true that most Italians only use a very limited portion of the functions of one's own smartphone.

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