How to get rid of earwigs

How to get rid of earwigs

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How to get rid of earwigs: remedies againstinsectsknown as "scissors". From traps to natural and DIY insecticides.

The scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors ... are insects harmless to humans and not very harmful to plants. If there is no real infestation, it is not recommended remove the "scissors“, These could be useful eliminating insects smaller and other plant pests. The scissors they belong to the Order of Dermacteria, their scientific name is Forficula auricularia,it's aboutinsects very common.

Earwig bite

The appearance of the scissors it is threatening: at the rear end, this insect has a pair of pincers (cerci) which are often confused by man with the poisonous quills of scorpions. The pliers of the scissors they are completely harmless! It is a mere gripping organ essential for copulation.

Don't worry, thescissorsnotthey bitebut they "pinch". In "pinching" they do not release any poison or substance so allergic reactions are also unlikely. The only effect of a "earwig bite" can be a widespread and concentrated redness in the affected area and consequent burning. In short, thescissors they are not dangerous!

Because they are beneficial insects

Earwigs are ugly but useful insects. They feed on plants (buds, pollen, parts of flowers), debris and small insects, living or dead. They can be found in artichokes or in the buds of some flowers. They can be useful because among their prey, they can feed on ants, plant lice and other small parasitic insects of the vegetable garden and the garden.

How to remove the scissors

Thereforficula auriculariaprefers a humid environment. For remove scissors from home it will be enough remove plant debris and make the environment drier. Thus the scissors they will look for a more ideal habitat to live.

When these insects found in the garden (especially in greenhouses), it is recommended delete them only if there is a real risk of infestation. Few specimens do not pose a problem for plant health.

Scissors, natural remedies

It is not recommendedremove the scissors by chemical means. On the market there are some tissue in granules to be applied in the ground where the earwigs lay their eggs. These insecticides are harmful to human health and the environment ... given that we are dealing with harmless insects, it is better to adopt soft strategies!

If you really wantremove the scissors because you cannot bear the presence of these insects, do it with a natural pesticide such as pyrethrum, which is also useful in case of extensive infestations.

Pyrethrum, before being a natural insecticide, is a plant! Its active ingredient, pyrethrin, is very effective in counteracting most of the vegetable and garden pests,plant liceincluded. This natural remedy is effective against:

1. scissors
2. crop bugs and green bed bugs
3. beetles
4. myrides as the vector of the potato mosaic virus
5. leafhoppers
6. white fly
7. plant lice
8. altica
9. common fly and mosquitoes
10. many other plant parasitic insects

There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder, spray or concentrated liquid solution, to be diluted with water before use.

L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based can be purchased at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a package of Solabiol Piretro Actigreen Bio is offered on Amazon at a price of € 19.90 with free shipping. For all the info, I refer you to the official Amazon product page: Actigreen Bio Liquid solution.

Unfortunately, many people are convinced that pyrethrum is not effective. In reality they are just wrong to use it! Pyrethrin is a photosensitive substance (it deactivates in direct sunlight), therefore, especially in liquid form, pyrethrum-based insecticides should be used in the late afternoon. Only then can this pesticide manifest its effects and eliminate yours scissors!

Natural predators and traps

Between natural remedies for remove these insects there are "do it yourself" traps. The natural enemies of scissors are wasps, lizards, hedgehogs and large ants, if these predators are not enough, you can build traps with or without bait. Below we explain how to remove the scissors with DIY traps.

Discard the scissors with traps

Earwigs do not withstand tight environments just like those of buds. Just before dusk, just place finely rolled sheets of newspaper in your garden. The forficule they will nestle in your trap. In the morning, just throw away the trap containing the scissors captured. To make the trap more effective you can moisten the newspaper with a few drops of beer.

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