How to use rainwater

L'use of rainwater it could be an excellent strategy to meet most of the domestic water needs. But how can this be rainwater used? The uses ofrain water are numerous, it can be used for the irrigation of the vegetable garden and the garden - the most classic use! - but also for home hygiene.

All household chores that require water could includeuse of rainwater, some examples? Cleaning the sanitary facilities, draining the bathroom, water for the washing machine or dishwasher ... In addition,rain water, thus used, would increase the life cycle of washing machines and dishwashers. Tap water, as opposed torain water, is very calcareous and therefore tends to damage some mechanical parts of household appliances.

A complete system to be able to use L'rain water in the home, it has three main components:
- a tank that can provide for collection, often these tanks can be buried so they do not take up space or cause aesthetic problems. The tanks can be connected to the gutters and during the accumulation of water, there would be a first stage of filtration.
-a pipe that can provide water distribution
- a filter that can ensure the elimination of bacteria and any harmful substances. The filter plays a key role in the rainwater purification process.

On the market it is possible to find storage devices of very different sizes, from 150 to 20 thousand liters. The maintenance of the filters is also very important (there are different types on the market), to avoid contamination of the liquid and the formation of sediment deposits, which could damage the system. Through a pumping system, therain water it is then distributed to the various users to be supplied. Usually, pumping systems allow the water to be drawn below the surface level, where it is cleaner.

Inside the tank, the water, of course, will decant and will be drawn by an electric suction system which, through a control unit, will keep an eye on the amount of water stored. In this way, in case of out of stock, the system will automatically return to connect to the traditional water network. The cost of a complete system (tank + hose + filter) should run around 800 euros.

Video: How To Build A Rainwater Collection System (December 2021).