Liquidflora: certified organic cosmetics

Liquidflora: certified organic cosmetics

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The eco and bio gods cosmetics they lend themselves to being evaluated under various aspects: raw materials, production processes, respect for animals, packaging and more. That of the make up it is in fact a very sensitive market to 'contamination' and for this reason the certifications throughout the supply chain, I assume particular importance. A certified organic cosmetics it is not a trivial matter.

The only Italian line of make up certified organic and cruelty free is that of Liquidflora, a producer who has chosen to address consumers who are attentive to the biological pluses and the intrinsic quality of the product. With a cosmetics which is, in fact, certified organic as well as effective. The certifications we are talking about, something more than a piece of paper, are those of ICEA, LAV, VeganOK, FSC, Vegetal Plastic and cover Liquidflora products from procurement to distribution.

Products without compromise on an environmental and ethical level, no less effective. Because, according to Liquidflora, effectiveness must be bioavailable. ‘Bioavailable efficacy', Behind this claim, which is also a mission, is an Italian idea and the work of three people: Claudio Albesano, who deserves credit for having realized that biological is cosmetics quality can get along well; the eco-architect Gabriele Claudio Trabia, author of eco-packaging; and Claudia Borghi, with experience in the fashion world, current CEO of Liquidflora.

Claudio Albesano's studies in Herbal Techniques accompanied the trio towards the belief that there was considerable potential in herbs and plant-derived products to be transferred to cosmetic product; the expertise of the most famous beauty consultants of the main French fashion houses of make up provided the rest, including the right formulations.

So here is the eco-sustainable plus going to embrace the most innovative technologies for the creation of a make up effective and quality. So that research phytocosmetic and eco-technologies have laid the foundations of the first cosmetic line with organic certification and cruelty free of high performance quality. The icing on the cake of Liquidflora is the packaging of the products, elegant and in turn eco-sustainable.

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