Oil recycling, from collection to disposal

Oil recycling, from collection to disposal

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The oil recycling it is always possible, whether it is lubricating oil or oil vegetable. The used oils released into nature cause great environmental damage which is why every citizen should engage with the first phase leading to oil recycling: collection. The used oils once collected they can be transformed into lubricants, biodiesel, surfactants and soaps.

Some roads to the oil recycling
The process of oil recycling that best enhances the waste product is regeneration. Using 100 kg of used oil, approximately 65 kg of regenerated base oil and 20/25 grams of diesel and bitumen can be obtained. About 25% of the lubricant base market is made up of regenerated bases. L'oil it can be regenerated with three different processes that lead to the formation of a transparent oil with a very low content of sulfur and aromatic polynuclear. Beyond regeneration, theoil used can be used as fuel: used oil has a calorific value of 9,500 kcal / kg, similar to that of normal fuel oil. If theoil exhausted is too polluted, this can neither be regenerated nor used as a fuel, to such an extent the recycling it will not be possible and theoil it will be eliminated through a process of thermal destruction.

The oil recycling starts with the collection, here's how to operate it

  1. Old frying oil can be stored in plastic containers. Get a large container and with each frying, put the used oil aside: after frying the food, let the oil cool and then deposit it in the container.
  2. The container saturated with oil can be delivered to the appropriate ecological islands or, if the municipality of residence so provides, it can be delivered together with the other waste of the classic door-to-door collection.
  3. If your local administration does not provide this service, inquire about the ecological island closest to your home.

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