What flowers grow well in full sun?

What flowers grow well in full sun?

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Which flowers we can cultivate in balcony if the exposure is in full sun? We will certainly need them flowers resistant to heat and eventuality even to drought. A plant that can grow very well in balcony, in full sun, is purslane, this plant offers splendid flowers colored, it is native to Asia so it does not fear heat or drought.

In addition to purslane there are also bulbs from flower which can be grown on balcony exhibited in full sun, it is the case of some varieties of tulips, hyacinths, wild hyacinths, Asiatic lilies and fragrant narcissus.

The bulbs of daffodils (Narcissus 'Spectrum') need a loose and well-drained soil and love to stay in full sun. The bulb is 5 cm high and must be buried 15 cm deep in pots of at least 6 cm in diameter. Obviously, the bulb must be planted with the tip facing upwards. Use good potting soil by inserting a layer of gravel or hydro granules on the bottom of the pot. The narcissus blooms from March to the end of April. Water the daffodils in case of drought. Hyacinths, as well as Asiatic lilies, prefer one sunny position but they grow well even in partial shade. As for the soil of hyacinths and tulips, follow the directions given for the Narcissus.

When it comes to bulbs, the large-flowered crocuses are less common. These can grow well in full sun and develop spendidi flowers colored, ideal for terraces and balconies. They begin to blossom with the first few days of Sun spring.

Others flowers that tolerate exposure in full sun they are mallow, snapdragon, petunias, peppercorns, poppies, carnations, zinnia, summer star, geraniums ... in short, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

Poppies are too underrated, yet they are ideal for adorning balconies and terraces. They love growing up in full sun and i flowers they close shortly after sunset. I recommend, if yours balcony has shaded areas, choose ad hoc plants!

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