How to reuse glass

Reuse jars and bottles of glass it's a creative way to recycle. The recycling of the glass begins with the collection phase, continues with the selection and treatment phase, finally, the glass it is transported to the appropriate glass factories where it is melted and used to create new products. As is clear, the glass is a recyclable material and the best way to reuse it is with the disposal, in any case nothing prevents us from reuse bottles and jars to realize our creativity!

Reuse the glass, the bottles
The bottles of glass they can be reused intact or cut. A bottle of glass integra could be used as a candle holder, or, stacked on plywood shelves, they can create a very original shelf. In Shanghai, in 2009, a Christmas tree was created consisting of 1000 bottles of Heineken beer, so if you think of something like this for next Christmas ... it would be better to start today to set aside a few bottles!


A much easier way to reuse the bottles of glass involves the use of blackboard paint. Thanks to this particular varnish each bottle can be decorated with fantasy and give life to vases, ornaments or centenarians.

Glass bottles can be cut with special cutters to create: lamps, ashtrays, object holders, glasses, vases is various containers.

The most original way, but also the most macho, for reuse the glass comes from Shanxi province, China. Here, Ma Yanju made a thermal panel to heat the water. The solar thermal panel consists of 66 one-liter bottles resting on a plywood base covered with aluminum foil.


Reuse the glass, the jars
Jars and jars can also be reused. The most ecological solution is that of reuse the jars of glass as a dispenser for pasta, cereals and legumes. If you are not buying products in bulk, unpackaged, now is the time to start! The jars, once decorated, can be used as pen and pencil holders, candle holders, lamps and many other objects for decoration.

If you are looking for other ideas for reuse the glass, be inspired by our photo gallery!

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