European funding for agriculture

European funding for agriculture

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THE European funding intended foragriculture they are not the only economic source for those looking for funds to start their own agricultural activity. Of course, in this moment of economic crisis it is not easy to undertake any entrepreneurial discourse but in this article we want to give some indications about the paths to take to search funding for agriculture.

Let it be if it comes to European funding than other funds allocated to agriculture, it will be necessary to get information as far as possible. The offers of financing they usually have a deadline, new funds can be activated at any time so it is good to always keep up to date.

Funding for agriculture, where to find out
The first step is to contact the Offices of the Regions and Provinces and those of the professional organizations in the sector. It is important not to trust the first news that is given to us, when it comes to European funding or other funds intended to agriculture, misinformation is a lot. Between organizations agricultural professionals include the CIA, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura and Copagri.

The practices of financing to access the funds are very complex, therefore it will be necessary to contact agricultural experts, agronomists or agrotechnicians. The search for financing useful for the business agricultural it is in itself a real job. To request European funding it will not be enough to be specialists in the required program - efficiency, innovation, rural revaluation, protection of biodiversity… - but you will need to be familiar with what you are doing.

In some regions such as Lazio, they exist Entrepreneurship promotion centers and in many cities there is no shortage of business incubators. These sections can be a good reference point for anyone on the hunt for financing. To find out if similar centers exist in your region, just use the Google search engine by typing a formula like "promotional center for entrepreneurship in the Campania region " or "Business incubator in the province of Salerno ".

A very interesting reality for those on the hunt for European funding for agriculture is given by the European Business & Innovation center, Bic. The Bic is proposed directly by the Union European and promotes the birth of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. In Italy, the Bic are about thirty and are dislocated in different regions of the boot, all information can be found on the portal For regions and provinces, a program of financing for agriculture it is made up of the RDP, Rural Development Program.

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