Care of geraniums

Care of geraniums

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The most suitable plants for embellishing and coloring balconies and terraces in spring and summer are the geraniums. They have a very rich, luxuriant flowering and do not require special attention. There care of geraniums consists of a few simple rules which, if respected, will guarantee a wonderful flowering until late summer.

Care of geraniums, how to face the summer
Geraniums are very hardy plants and even if they don't need a lot of care, they will need to be put in a position to ensure healthy growth with rich flowering.

  • After the winter rest of the geraniums it is necessary to stimulate their development by cutting the branch for about 2/3 of the length if the plant is not very luxuriant, a couple of centimeters less if it is healthy. This operation is necessary for branches and leaves to grow faster.
  • The next operation is to change the garden pots, preferring those with a diameter larger than a couple of centimeters.
  • Another important operation is to change the soil and fertilize it before spring flowering: in the nurseries they sell the soil and the specific fertilizer for geraniums.
  • In addition, all the dried leaves and twigs that have suffered a bit from the winter frost must be removed, although as a rule it should already be avoided to leave them attached to the plant for long periods to promote spring flowering.
  • It is also good to be careful to cut them to about one centimeter from the stem attachment, so as not to cause wounds which are the main access route for parasites.
  • In winter, the plant must be watered only a few times, and in particular before the soil dries up completely.
  • When placing the plant on the terrace it is good to make sure that the place is sunny: all the care will be useless if the fundamental ingredient, the sun, is missing.

Useful information: i geraniums they do not tolerate frost, so in the cold season they must be sheltered in a dry and lit place, making sure to control the temperature, which must never drop below freezing.

Care of geraniums, in summer

  • With the arrival of summer, the soil must be hoed often to avoid the formation of the typical crust that prevents aeration and absorption of water.
  • The plants should be watered regularly every day but gradually.

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