Longer and more efficient lithium batteries are coming

Longer and more efficient lithium batteries are coming

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When it comes to lithium batteries the last Announcements comes from Germany. The Announcements include higher density and higher efficiency. The new lithium batteries they will be able to support over 10 thousand complete recharge cycles, guaranteeing more than 85 percent of the initial capacity.

The new lithium batteries were developed by a team of developers from the "Accumulator Material Research Department" of the ULM, in particular the Research Center for Solar and Hydrogen Energy (ZSW). The life of the lithium battery lengthens and with it the charging times are shortened.

Batteries which guarantee a very long life cycle, are a delicious dish for car manufacturers and, according to researcher Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, head of the project, their lithium batteries they can last 10 years, guaranteeing at least 80 percent of the initial capacity.

The Institute for Applied Research reports that the accumulators have a power density of 1,100 watts per kilogram. He estimates that for an electric vehicle this means short charging times and excellent acceleration capacity. The research team, together with industry partners, would like to develop electrodes for larger lithium cells.

The lithium batteries developed by the Wohlfahrt-Mehrens team are small in size, now the team will have to develop larger ones but the goal is not far off. A few days after announcing the development of lithium batteries more long-lived, the ZSW center has signed a cooperation agreement with some manufacturers in the automotive sector.

The agreements foresee that ZSW will develop new accumulators al lithium ready to meet the needs of partner industries. Industry partners include BMW AG, Daimler AG, Elring Klinger AG, Manz AG, Rockwood Lithium GmbH, and SGL Carbon GmbH.

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