Easy hanging gardens with Archiélite

Roof garden turnkey, with Archiélite. It is the system with which Paradel wants to offer a ready-made package that allows you to create a roof garden from a to z. Great for architects, but also for those who don't have a patch of greenery and still want to cultivate and see their seedlings bloom, making the world a little more green. Even a small balcony is a step towards the sustainability.

1) What is your “Archiélite” project?

The Archiélite system aims to facilitate construction problems and help the designer. Specifically, a turnkey system that allows you to create a roof garden from a to z, starting from the construction materials to move on to installation and get to the green roof. A solution for roofing too often made with do-it-yourself methods. A response to market needs, a combination of experience and professionalism to achieve a common goal, a perfect green roof.

2) What do you propose in concrete terms? As?

The idea is to offer a ready-made package: from analysis to design, to construction up to post-installation assistance. The project is proposed through a dedicated marketing campaign, online and off-line communications, publications in specialized magazines and through conferences to raise awareness among professionals on the importance of green hanging in our cities.

3) Who collaborates with you?

The project is the result of the union between partners, the Paradello Group, leader in the production of pre-cultivated lawns, Harpo Group, an excellent manufacturer of construction materials, and Grechi Giardini, a company specializing ingreen architecture.

4) Who is it for and how do you imagine users can respond?

Archiélite is aimed primarily at architects and designers, so that they can have an optimal and professional tool to offer to their customers. However, it is a useful tool for anyone who has an area that can be transformed into green, a terrace, a garage roof, a hanging area that can become an outlet and a relaxation area. I am thinking, for example, of those who live in the city do not have the possibility of having a garden on the ground. We expect an extremely positive response from users also because the costs are not much higher than those of laying a quality tile, but with totally different benefits.

5) What are the main problems to be faced in order to create a good roof garden?

If one green cover it is carried out following the reference legislation, the Uni 11235, as is the case for the Archiélite project, there are absolutely no problems. Up to now, moreover, grassy carpets grown on natural soils have always been used that do not guarantee the functionality of the system: not having continuity between the substrates creates a sort of "plug". Verdèlite, the turf that we propose, being grown on reported soil, consisting of silica sand, organic material and soil improvers, ensures continuity between the substrates, allowing to manage excess water.

6) Are there any more advantageous geographical areas? Of the preferable "technical and construction conditions" of the buildings?

The system works perfectly in any geographical area, of course the vegetation must be compatible with the climate in which the system is installed. As for buildings, it can be built on any flat or sloping roof that has an accidental residual load sufficient to bear the weight, which varies according to the type of garden that you want to achieve.

7) What is the sustainability contribution of these gardens?

The advantages are many: increase in living comfort, increase in the value of the property, additional thermal insulation and consequent energy savings, improvement of sound-absorbing performance, mechanical and thermal protection of waterproofing, reduction and slowdown of the flow of rainwater into the sewer network, retention of atmospheric dust e reduction of the environmental impact. The good reasons why public administrations are interested are many but unfortunately only some virtuous municipalities provide forms of incentives. For example Bolzano and Bologna. We hope they can become more and more.

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