The software that saves the life of the Notebook

Over time, the batteries of notebooks suffer a drop in performance. Before throwing away the entire laptop, consider replacing the battery or try to regenerate it. Exist software capable of regenerating the batteries gods pc. Sure, thebattery powered it will not be as good as new but thanks to the software its life and autonomy can be extended.

Of software for the management of battery of the pc there are many, most of them free to download. THE pc, both portable and stationary, use a lot of energy and to reduce electricity expenditure (so as to save on bills and increase battery life), in this article, we have proposed some freeware for both Mac and Windows.

Today we will continue to talk about battery software but we will not do it in terms of energy management but in terms of restoration and regeneration. There are solutions software that if used well (and in time) allow you to extend the life of batteries potable without too much effort. One of them is called the Battery Doubler.

Battery Doubler is a paid software but you can download it for free for a free trial of 20 runs. The software it's easy to use. The first step is to download the free trial from the Batteru Doubler official website. From the download item you can download the version compatible with our operating system. Proceed with the installation of the file you just downloaded by choosing to Continue with the Trial version (free trial).

At the end of the installation of the software, next to the Windows clock, in the notification area, you will notice the program icon. From the Wizards tab click on the Recalibrate Battery item to calibrate the laptop battery and regenerate it. The procedure could take over half an hour, so start it when you have enough time to dedicate to regenerating the battery. Once the battery has been calibrated, it will be possible to extend its life using the Main board of the software downloaded. From the Main screen, select Enable Turbo Charge (yes) and set the Enable Battery Doubler option (also in this case the item to be selected will be "yes").

From the Autonomy screen, it will be possible to choose balance plans between computer resources and battery life. The default option that allows you to increase the battery life up to 170% is Balance even if the best performance is obtained by choosing the Maximum Autonomy option which would be able to make the battery last up to 200% compared to the standard duration.

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