The washing of photovoltaic panels

The washing of photovoltaic panels

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To take care of the wash gods photovoltaic panels, more often than not, it is rainfall. Rain cleans i photovoltaic panels but sometimes it does not sweep away all the dust and leaves that reduce the active surface, it is at this point that the user must provide for wash and system maintenance.

The wash gods photovoltaic panels it must be more frequent in agricultural areas and in rural areas. Here the accumulations of leaves, pollen, dust and bird droppings can limit the efficiency of panels. The accumulations initially affect the bottom module or the collector structure where plants such as algae and lichens are deposited, which in turn retain the atmospheric dust using it as a culture medium. The leaves represent a particularly disturbing element in terms of performance due to their very large size. To counter this problem, brushes with soft and flexible bristles can be installed.

In the absence of special equipment, the wash gods photovoltaic panels it must be operated using a cotton cloth and water. Only if strictly necessary is it possible to use special detergents or extremely delicate soaps. The wash gods solar panels it can be done using the classic sponge with handle that is used for the wash of the glasses.

The wash gods photovoltaic panels it is not the only maintenance work to be carried out. Those who use renewable energy for the home will have to constantly monitor the performance of the system. There are monitoring tools that show the user the amount of energy produced, the irradiation and the temperature. In the absence of these monitoring tools, the user can compare the performance of their system with the values ​​of the systems in the surrounding area.

The owners of solar systems have the duty to perform visual inspections in order to identify any fractures on panels: nothing harms the efficiency of a system more than a broken panel! To avoid such dramatic situations, a thorough check should be carried out at least once a year by professional technicians.

For the wash gods photovoltaic panels it is strictly forbidden ...
In operating the wash gods solar panels It is forbidden to use abrasive sponges, thinners and other particularly aggressive cleaning substances. Furthermore, the use of household cleaners is not recommended for cleaning the panels no tools should be used for the wash pressure.

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