How to make good compost

In this article we will explain how to do the compost in 5 simple steps. All gardens can benefit from the compost, especially if this is produced on site. The compost it's fertilizer free! Plants love the compostit also significantly reduces the production of organic waste. To do the compost it will help you to preserve the well-being of the vegetable garden and your garden.

How to compost, Premise
The compost is a soil rich in nutrients resulting from the so-called "composting“, Decomposition and humidification of a mix of organic substances. For to do a good compost it will be necessary to balance the carbonaceous materials with the nitrogenous ones without forgetting the involvement of water and oxygen. In these terms the compost preparation it looks really tough, but it's not at all!

How to compost, the steps

  1. To begin, in your garden, outline the perimeter of a square space of at least three meters. Yours compost it can be made in a bin, in a wooden box or simply you can make compost with a heap of matter. The only fundamental aspect is that you must be able to mix the materials.
  2. Add to yours composter layers of carbonaceous matter (pruning branches, dry leaves, straw), layers of nitrogenous matter (vegetable waste, hedge cuts, green leaves, household organic waste ...
  3. When adding a new layer, slightly moisten the compost with water. Water favors the activity of bacteria that will make it possible to produce topsoil.
  4. A composter well structured it should not emit bad smells, if this happens, add more carbonaceous matter (dry leaves, straw, sawdust ...) and turn the compost more frequently.
  5. Do not over-compress the material of the compost and it must be turned over periodically. If the compost bin is large enough, the compost can be turned over with a pitchfork. The compost must be turned over to ventilate and restructure the pile, that is, to undo the agglomerates of material that have compacted. To know when to turn the compost read this article.

Video: Making compost from garden and other wastes, the principles and some results (November 2021).